So, thoughts on the new nintendo system?


That’s the only game from your list that I’ve heard of, own, and hold any interest in, tbh.
I mean…good for you, but these other games sound kinda bad to me. I conjure up images where one would play some Dante-lookalike and run around with a giant sword killing fallen angelic monsters, while being profoundly sad.
I’m confident enough with my sexuality, I don’t play shit like that (not to say you or anyone else isn’t, just making the point that I fail to see the appeal).

Checked out many other games as well, mainly because I don’t like having my consoles just for one or two titles, but even I, who enjoy games of all genres on all platforms, was hard-pressed to find any games at all that didn’t look like complete ass (or didn’t have Mario in them). It’s worth noting that retail over here hardly ever carries all titles for a console, so I may have missed something good, but…yea. It’s no wonder the console was a trainwreck and is being given away almost for free at this point. IMO.


You haven’t even heard of the games I listed aside from Sonic Colors…and you are already comparing them to some Emo Dante?
NONE of those games I listed are anything like that.

Come on…don’t be stupid.


I…what? I was humorously sharing my associations. Whatever. Screw you guys, I’m going home. :razzy:


How do you know you’re being disrespected if you don’t read the context of the response?

You want to witness disrespect? Then I’d put you up there with Morgan Webb. You’re both equally as uninformed and “fangirlish”. Plus you’re both just as smart as a bag of peanuts.


Well i’d like the online features to be heavily improved upon.wii wise I pretty much play ssbb and mario well as gamecube games because nintendo actually made it backwards compatible instead of ripping it out to charge people for it later as downloadable content.ill give this new system a shot atleast