So, uh, who wants a Cthulhu-style Wii control board?


EDIT: PiiWee welcome document:

I’ve got the proof of concept code done and working as a Classic Controller hooked up to a Wii-mote. I’ll layout a (TINY) board for it tonight to get made, and hopefully have a dedicated Wii-mote controller board available to the public within about 3 weeks if all goes well.

Yes, I know the code should be added to the MC Cthulhu, and I will certainly try, but it’s not going to be easy to get the code ported over, and I’m not 100% sure it would fit, but I will try and keep everyone posted of my progress. But since I got this working, and I know a number of folks have asked about adding Wii support to existing off the shelf sticks, this’d be a nice cheap option, and won’t require difficult (Classic Controller) or expensive (Hori Wii Stick, TvC stick) hack jobs.

If anyone has ideas or suggestions for features that it should include, please speak up. Even with all eight play buttons, dpad, plus, minus and home, I still have five pins available that could be any thing anyone could please. Do we still need the whole Start+select=Home setup? (Well, plus+minus=Home I guess) Should the stick control the Dpad or have options for controlling analog sticks? I’m not too familiar with the workings of the Classic Controller or how it works with most Wii games or VC games, so please, if you’re familiar with how the CC works in games, please post up.

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I do I do Please Pick me lol. That be awesome Toddles Wii board for Playing Some Wii games, would rock.


Sounds cool!

For VC all games work fine with MC Cthulhu–>GC cable.
For Wii games, they have to have built in support for the Classic or GC controllers.
TvsC - Obviously does.
Metal Slug Ant. - does
Games like Punchout Wii and New Super Mario Bros. Wii do not support anything but the Wii Remotes…which really sucks. The d-pad on the Wiimotes are the same size as on the DS which is fucking tiny.
I can’t think of anything else at the moment…
Oh I know SamSho Ant. doesn’t support GC controllers, but this comp sucks anyway…


Yes sir!! That would be lovely.


It definitely needs to be able to control both the D-pad AND the control stick.

The Wii is really finnicky with some games and will only let you use one or the other.

At least that’s what I think.


Hey, awesome news.

It would be good if you could activate the analog stick somehow. The Wii menus have classic controller support, but you need the left analog stick to navigate around properly. With current MC Cthulhu setups, you need either the sensor bar and a Wiimote set up, or a Classic Controller plugged in to get into the game.


Say what? Hang on, brb.

Well I’ll be damned, I never knew that. You’re absolutely right; Looks like getting left analog stick functionality just got bumped up to a big priority. I’ll probably do the same ‘Default is both D-pad plus Left analog, hold Plus or Minus when powering on to select just one’ that the Cthulhu uses.


Looking at the Wii release list I can’t think of much else.

Some games like NSMB and Super Paper Mario only support the Wiimote, but have specific Wiimote functions; IR in Paper Mario; accelerometer in NSMB when you have the spinny hat.


Pretty much right now, when using a stick on Wii, you also have to have a Wiimote handy to navigate at least the Channel menus.


Now that mention this part, Its true the wiimote is need for most of the console and games to play part.


Long story short fuck the Wii cause everytime I want to use it I have to fumble around with 3 different controllers trying to figure out which halves of which controllers control which parts of which menus.

goddamn wii


This isn’t meant to replace a Wii-mote, it’s meant to take the place of a classic controller. If the game doesn’t natively support the CC, this won’t work for it.

Not true; RoboKrikit is right. The left analog stick of a CC will navigate the Wii main menu, and the A and B buttons act just like the A and B buttons on the 'mote does. If I code it right, you can select the game from the main Wii menu using the stick. The only thing you’d have to do with the Wii mote is hit the power button to turn the Wii on or off.


Oh OK. When you said “hopefully have a dedicated Wii-mote controller board available” I misunderstood whoops.:xeye:

As far as what RoboKrikit said; Yes he’s correct about the CC, I wasn’t doubting him. Just trying to illustrate how I do it now.
Currently the MC Cthulhu–>GC method only supports D-pad inputs which doesn’t work at the Channel menus, so I have to use a Wiimote (not a big deal).
Again I misunderstood…


yeah I have a Hori Fighting Stick PCB that I can take the cord off of if you decide to port it to MCCthulhu. I’m happy with GC support but would be interested in the Wii stand alone PCB for my project box sticks.

Since I’ve yet to encounter any games that make use of the ZL or ZR buttons on top of the classic controller. I would think holding both of those down would activate/deactivate Analog sticks.


If you’re just thinking for a project box use, I can have a couple of kits together by beginning of next week if you’d like.


A note that you may have already considered: L and R are both triggers and buttons. Some games accept only the button (Guilty Gear AC for instance) and some games accept only the trigger (TVC for instance). When hacking the classic controller I had to make it produce both in order for it to be universal.


I’m not interested in a wii-pcb per se, but would much prefer to have the code included in the MC Cthulhu. I, for 1, would be totally in to pay a little extra for that new feature (and because all the hard work put into the MC Cthulhu deserves it ^^).


Im interested, I got the MC board just for Wii support (via gamecube) but there are still lots of games like VC games that will not use gamecube but will use the Classic Controller.

I hope you find a way to add it to the MC board, but if you cant atleast the dedicated wii option is there for those who need it.


Like what? I’ve only ever heard of a few TG-16 games (don’t remember which).


Could it be dual modded along with an MC Cthulhu or regular Cthulhu?