So...uh, yeah.

What a world, huh?

Not this shit again…

they can’t just stop for one second huh?

Wtf? Dirty Cypriot over here stealing our jobs…?

Oh right you mean the blatant muslim pc-bumlove, welcome to the UK.

Remember children, its only racist if a white man says it!

Hmm after reading this over, its difficult to judge the tone of my post. So for clarification, I agree that muslims get pandered to because the govt are scared they’ll blow themselves up over anything. But bearing in mind that the dailymail is basically a shitrag newspaper who can’t got a week without mentioning ‘the people’s princess’ (Ole dead Diana), another immigrant plot to sneak into britain inside hollowed out weetobix or some muslim antichrist infecting us all with islamaids forcing us to praise allah and piss on war veterans in the street.

Good ol’ Iron Hide, he had the answer to EVERY problem the autobots faced except for that fateful episode when that horrid bat creature attacked New York. :rofl:

People brainwash their kids. At the very least, the coming decades will be entertaining.