So um, what happened?

I just got finished looking through the old “show you’re latest work” thread, and every page was amazing. I’ve recently been tryin to up my game (I’ve been too lazy for too long) and I almost forgot how scrubby I really am, because it’s hard to see how far you can go with out alot of artist to look up to (I check alot more than srk now, but I still have srk artist I look up to). Also, theres SRK-ers that become taggers and have alot potential, but I feel they need more inspiration to trully bring out their full potential. But dont get me wrong, theres still some great artist around, but not as many I guess.

Someone tell me what happened =( Where is everyone? (check join date).

ps. It seems the animation is still really nice.

edit- actually I started checking IMM long after my joindate :sad:

Life, I pressume, but I’ll be in the house with my latest creations and possible website address in about two weeks. School just started in Canada, so that could be another excuse.

Check out my request thread for goodies by Bear.

Your work is also great.

But it seemed like alot of those people would pursue digital art as their career… I don’t get it. I know talent like that doesen’t just stop making new art, so why did they stop posting it at srk?

Sounds good.


SRK is primarily a fighting game site dedicated to competitive gaming, with the bulk of the focus being fighting games. After a certain point, ppl tend to seek out dedicated sites for design / tagging / etc to better pursue thier interests. Some might feel a need for a change and new challenges in the way they do things.

In the case of IMM, I’m also guessing ppl also moved on from doing stuff with 2D fighting game sprites and wanted to explore more avenues for their creativity. This gradual loss of talent happens in the Fan Art forum too.

Though in theory, as old people leave, new people start up, and others improve, so the cycle continues.

…in practice, it means more requests for OC and me, lol.


That makes sense I guess. I wasn’t sure whether somethin actually happened on the forums to cause them to leave beceause it seemed like alot at one time… but I can’t accurately say that by looking at old post in one thread.