So ummm any gouken going to evo this weekend lol

Why did I even ask this question. Im pretty sure no one is >______________>

I might bust out Gouken for a few matches.

There’s a new game for EVO 2011…

DownBack Fighter 4: Yun Edition

Well Ill look for you then lol. Im sure your talking about casuals and not pools though.

Dont you mean RushDown Fighter 4: Yun edition lol. Ehhhh no your right, Depending on the matchup and chracter your playing this game can still be VERY downbackish. If CAPCOM would give gouken his Overhead dive kick back we could bust that shit up lol

I was going, but something came up. I’ll be there next year :confused:

Against Yun, too many characters only have have two choices, hold downback until the yun player does something stupid… or lose.

if i didnt have a newborn i was for sure in there, my honey wanted me to go but i cant leave lil takin’ behind hes too precious , but hes almost 2 mos old hmmm…lol nah…what im gonna do tho is hit the post evo tourney circuits bs tho…

Anyone know if Bullcat, DESORA or viper are going?

Unless I can find some way to rig my Sega Saturn controller to work on Xbox, I probably won’t participate in any tournaments.

So do you actually have a kid or not. I couldn’t tell if you were joking lol. Congrats if you do!

I dont think they enter any tournys and as far as I know they only play online. I may be wrong and please correct me and better yet show me some tourny footage of them lol.

None of them are going.

but I gotta say I’d lol @ the prospect of an international player thinking they’d come and be a threat with Gouken of all characters.

This thread makes me sad lol… I mean, even the title of it laughs at the mere thought of Gouken being at Evo. Have we all given up on the old man at this point? I mean, at a tourney level? I have. And this thread is the last straw. :frowning:

Facing the harsh reality of the only character I care to play is pretty depressing.

Gouken is not tourney viable, he’s bottom 3 or 4 characters in the tiers. He has maybe 1 good matchup, it’s possible that he only goes even in matches at best and outright loses the rest, if you aim to be competitive choose a different character.

You are just being downright pessimistic lol. He’s definitely not tourney viable, his matchups aren’t usually in his favor. But bottom tier?

… Ok yea maybe.

Let’s look at the upside. Who is worse than Gouken?


I wanted to go to EVO and play as Gouken but i couldn’t make it this year, I’ll do it next year.
It’d be great to get out of the pools and get some attention!

Indeed. It would be a wasted trip unless you had another viable main. Im playing the old man and Ken right now.

I feel the same way you do man. Ive had to face the harsh reality of gouken many times lol. He’s simply not tourrny viable and capcom keeps nerfing shit on him like destroying his kongo game and damage lol. Lets hope for a better gouken in the AE rebalance. Post in my thread on here and on Capcom unity if you have some thoughts on how to make gouken better.

His one good matchup is Dalsim I think but thats it. Im Currently searching for a new and more viable main as im aiming to be pro level at this game. Ken and Dudley are potentials for my new mains. I will never drop gouken as I have been playing him for FAR too long and I actually really enjoy playing him.

Facing that harsh reality I c LOLOL! We can’t help but love the old man :slight_smile: Come on capcom AE rebalance and treat gouken right with NO NERFS!!


Gouken was his main in vanilla. He hasn’t stopped getting better with him. He is exceptional and should represent your old man well.

His one (maybe) good matchup is THawk, afaict.

Who is Guyofkaillera

Forgot about that matchup.