So ummm any gouken going to evo this weekend lol

I’ve seen more dan players than gouken on the stream thus far. 3 dans, 0 goukens.

watching a Gouken lose to a Dan right now

4th dan I’ve seen, 1st gouken. Gouken barely won, to Goukens credit, the guy wasn’t a real gouken player. He’s actually a blanka player.

Yeah I saw that match. He got lucky in the end but did some nice stuff as well. He kept landing those clutch jump back MP into air tatsu. Any other Goukens around at evo?

I just lost to a dan. Im not a real gouken player.

Yeah, that much was clear just from watching him when he FADCed into xx air tatsu. Totally unecessary and lower damage then no FADC HK tatsu or FADC Ultra. So many things I was like nooooooooooo.

I’d really like to see how far Bullcat or Proudstrawberry would get at Evo.

well i’d use him and blanka if i went. but i’m not there so…

lol Poongko just worked Mr. SNK on the After Hours stream with Gouken. He landed a nice reaction ultra on Honda head-but at the end.

Random select right? I wish I could have seen it, I didn’t feel like stream monstering for another few hours.

Nah he just straight selected Gouken, no random.

I’d like to see that video of Poongko playing Gouken. Any links?

It was on the After Hours stream, but nothing was archived from it as far as I know. I can’t find anything right now but we’ll see though.