So upset with this whole preorder scandal


I bought the digital version on Tuesday in Xbox live. I was planning on preordering the disc version coming out in august. I went to GameStop today to preorder it and get my code but they are saying there is no disc version being released. Over the website it says you can preorder now to get the 2014 costumes yet when I try to preorder on amazon it says nothing about receieving a dlc code. Can anyone confirm that amazon gives the costumes for free with preorders? It’s so upsetting how unclear everything is to get these damn costumes.


the 2014 costumes come with the digital pre order. the retail (disc) preorder gets you all the previous costumes packs


You don’t have to preorder the disc though to recieve costumes for everyone that’s going to be included in the full retail package
I’m talking about the 2014 costume pack look at the website it doesn’t say preorder digital only for costumes it shows both versions


“scandal” lol

Did you actually check Amazon?


Yeah dude when I went on amazon to preorder it doesn’t list anything about revieving the free dlc I just wanna be sure they are providing it before I spend the money


I went ahead and ordered the Ultra from gamestop since they didn’t remove the mention of the Preorder code. I then emailed I didnt get a code and I was told it is limited supply, first come first serve.
So I sent a “nice” email back.
In my opinion even after release date, it’s a preorder. I give them $15, they give me a code that gives me 15 on my MS account. Then I have to order it on MS. So anything before my ordering of it with MS balance should be classified as a Pre-order, since the gstop purchase was before I ordered it on MS.
We shall see. Just another reminder why I don’t go to gamestop.


The thing that’s upsetting is the disc version is two months away so why is it you guys are cutting people off now you still have the message on your official website. It shows preorder now and it says Xbox and ps3 available now. Retail amazon available august 5th. It was bullshit how they were not clear at all. In my history of preordering games you get whatever they are offering. They need to remove the message on the website if that’s the case.


I just received the code, considering I purchased it yesterday from their site. I don’t think they know whats going on.


You purchased it on ? You received a code?


Yes. On Thursday, 2 days after release, I went on and purchased t he $15 Ultra code for 360. I redeemed the code on xbox live and it added $15 to my balance. I then changed my billing address to New Hampshire to avoid the tax fee. Then purchased Ultra on my 360 as the PC/browser connection apparently ignores MS balance and insists on purchasing with a credit card.
Then next day I got the automated email from gstop with the code for the costumes. Entered on PC, when logged on next with 360 it auto downloaded.
Still haven’t loaded it up. Busy with Watch Dogs and Rocksmith 2014.