So was mapping buttons as big a deal as people made it seem before EVO?

Just wondering if it effected any games or matches and if a lot of people used them.

I honestly don’t think a single person noticed.

  • James

well, it screwed me up in the first game of one of my matches. But that was also kind of my fault for not testing them beforehand. :frowning:

To be real I think button mapping is fucking Lame. I was watching this guy play and I couldnt believe how fast his tri jumps were. Come to find out he only needed one button to do them. :lame:

I think it would be good to modify the rules so that button mapping was OK so long as you remapped them to defaults AFTER you were done. I saw several matches that had to be restarted because Assists 1 and 2 were swapped for pad warriors. I don’t think it really affected the games played by the remappers, just the games following. =\

That might be the case, but there’s a lot of inconsistency in joysticks. Some sticks like to use L1 for Fierce and R1 for Roundhouse, others like to use R1 for Fierce and R2 for Roundhouse (what default assumes). So no matter what, you gotta check the buttons before playing. What people need to stop doing is testing the buttons, and then going into a 50 hit combo to make sure it works.

And what Capcom games need to do is to have a “test” mode in their button config screen, with a Ryu down there doing the moves of the button maps. Then you don’t need versus mode and testing and reseting so often.

  • James

reconfiguration of your buttons is fine as long as they are put back to default when your match is over. That way a matches arent being reset.

HOWEVER mapping buttons together so you can dash or throw with one button when the game requires 2 is UNACCEPTABLE. That lowers the odds of messing up.

I noticed it. And I still say it shouldnt be allowed, stuff like one button FRCs, and RCs are cheap period it.

One button FRCs and RCs cost as much as two and three button ones.

The deciding factor for speed in triangle jumps is how fast you can go from up to down without inputting a special motion.

You should be checking your button config before every match regardless.

Wether something uses two buttons or one button, it doesn’t matter, you’re going to make it work every time whichever way you use.

it elimates human error

Still requires timing to hit the button correctly. but I predict everyone will be using macross in a few years. Even The japanese maps their buttons( I should know because I saw Daigo and Ruu do it.)

how about SNK games having Terry or Ryo doin the same thing, i hate having to scroll through attack options just to set my buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

semi joke post by the way :slight_smile:

button mapping is fine to configure you buttons to a “stock” setting

not where you can have a 1 button tri jump or even a 1 button dash, that shit kinda of bugs me cuz you got mutha fudda thats never ever miss a dash or tri jump. should have rules for this shit or EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN THE bandwagon and have that 1 button dash, tri-jump, or hell even that 500 hit combo… …

One button dashing may be a good idea for some characters - remember if you do have one button dashing then you are more than likely giving up on something else. An assist button or something. There are pros and cons to this - I tried it out and no thanks - I would rather be able to use both of my assist in battle instead of one.


yea people say omg its so easy to do that infinite on the controller and im like yeah because you have the 1 button dash for you but me i rather do it the hard way on arcade stick then to use one button and anyway if you go to an arcade they dont have button configuration…you just play as they set them and people dont complain…anyway my point is they should ban that stuff we all used to use a controller at one point but if you’re still using one then you should be skilled enough to play without using macros (no offense to anyone…im just making a point)

I don’t use macros but I think they should stay. This is not an arcade tournament; this is a console tournament, so you should have the ability to map your controller?s settings. If this was an arcade tournament, then we should set the rules to arcade sticks only. I agree with character bans because people that play on the arcade can’t use console-only characters. As long as people remember to reset the controller?s setting in the end, it should be fine.