So, was there an Evo Moment this year?

Other then the fact that John Choi took 2 tournaments, congrats Choi by the way, was there an Evo Moment this year? I have been reading a couple of Evo threads and so far I have found nothing that pops out. No one character comebacks, no perfects, nothing. Just wondering if anyone has a story to tell.

Fucking CPU in brawl. I hate the game to death but that shit was so hype.

Double T-Turbo rapping onstage… Gigaton Punch, my gigaton punch…

Any vids of CPU playing at Evo?

What about 3ST, CVS2 and MVC2?


No Yipes…
No Sanford…
No Brandon…
No Chris…

choi was his own evo moment

cpu sniping a smash ball ful lscreen in top 8 was pretty sick


that was amazing

Don’t forget Row, JMar, Kuan, Genghis, and a shitload of other top players… I’m not going to say myself, because I don’t think I’m that good… but I’ve been considered a top player before.


lol genghis was totally there, idiot

Evo final 8 for Marvel was tight. Final 8 is always tight in general, though I didn’t catch Smash or Tekken or 3S this year. Even without a Daigo parry moment, there were tons of great matches in pools/semis/finals.

What was that insane 3S match that happened during Marvel pools? JR vs Ryan Heart?

Amir Beasting tokido :open_mouth:
And JR money match against Ryan Heart that shit was hype!!!


Sorry, didn’t know. I wasn’t there nor did anyone inform me of anything about Genghis.