So we got ultra



I’m starting this up to mainly round up the few adon mains that are left so we can pool knowledge and level up together :slight_smile:


Has anyone noticed a slight change in the iajk hitbox at all?


No i don’t notice a change in the iajk hitbox but the second overhead of the ex air jk hits often , but i think it’s just a matter of time before the players notice the change.

Against Honda we can punish ex headbutt with crouch mp or super , cr mp xx rj lk or super works , no ultra I , no rj lk or roundhouse to punish this.

I have the feeling that Hugo will be a bad match-up , he has pokes with a really good range , it’s really risky to jump against him and of course he has the 2 frames spd in one word he’s a damn grappler.

About double ultra , it can be usefull as deterrence maybe against Dictator , i should play more with this to see if it’s really usefull because the damage of dp fadc ultra II is low.

Against below average stamina character with fireball expect Sakura , it can be usefull i think.

The timing to safe jump after the rj lk is different now , it’s disturbing and the dwu doesn’t help to get the timing :frowning:


I almost feel like his or his lk.rj got a tweak. normally when i would do cr.lp cr.lp xx lk.rj it would connect. for some reason it whiffs now. instead ive been linking to and it hits. i think they want us to use that link now instead.

also, his cr.lp being +6 on hit now makes his hitconfirm near impossible to miss. sometimes when i would cancel into DP, it would come out late and result in a punish. now it feels like it never drops.

i cant find a use for redfocus except for certain matchups. random ultras and scrubby dudley players going machinegun blows all over the place are much easier to blow up.

people dont know FADC is -5 so i can still get away with it.

viper is still a problem now that they buffed her and made her an even easier-mode character.
hugo seems unfair.
rolento can just do is roll over and over again.

overall, i think adon has none of the tools that every other character has. everyone is just going to switch to a character that allows them to get a dizzy off one combo.


What do you guys think of the jc nerf? They should have at least made it faster imo. Now that a double lk.rj is more consistent im goin to start going for more corner pressure. I feel that being able to link into 2mk is whatever because i lose the 2lk, 2lp hit confirm. It comes in handy when people contimue to block high. Although i can see some good corner combos with this. Jk nerfs dont phase me at all


Yea the double rj in the corner has helped me out a lot with closing out rounds. I havent found many uses for red focus outside of jump ins I was able to do a combo that does 530 with it though :confused: (Jump rh - Cl.stand fierce - RF - back dash - ex jagga tooth - U2) but thats all of your meter soooo yea. The lp buff is neat it makes his combos less awkward other than that its the same shit but different toilet


You can still use some of your old setups from ae 2012 as of now because dwu is kinda fresh but I have been dealing with dwu with meaty IAJK it seems to work right now you just gotta pick and choose your spots as usual


After back throw , stand lp and late jump mk “works” against dwu and normal wake up but a dp will beat this , not very usefull finally.

Against meaty iajk , they just have to back bash to avoid this , it’s not so reliable.


I was gonna test this tonight but does anyone know if you can get a lkrj 2nd hit into ultra2 vs a jumping opponent? Adons zoning game might have gotten stronger with that additional height on it. Also id like to know what your hit confirms are off of jump ins


you can not get that ultra. only way you can combo ultra off of RJ is if you get the last hit of EXRJ. then you can combo into ultra anywhere on the screen.

the startup of ultra 2 is too slow to land it off of second hit lk.rj


I’ll look into it, it may be possible. I’m not gonna count it out


The combo into ultra in the corner doesn’t seem to be possible, the slowest move I can make hit is the cl. st roundhouse against some higher-floating characters. I’m guessing there there are 7-8 frames where you can juggle, considering how tight the link into the roundhouse is


Also, he definitely got a sneak buff to LK RJ’s hitbox. cr. lk x 3 and cr. lk -> cr. lp x2 to lk RJ now connect on crouching opponents


As you sure about that , i tried against Cody , Ryu and Sagat and the rj lk still whiff after cr lk or cr lp *3 if they are crouching , i see no difference.


It’s not a sneak buff, it’s what we were told we were getting, a change to the lk rj hitbox to allow a more consistent second RJ in the corner. It still whiffs at a distance vs several chars.


I got this in the UFGT build and brought it up to combo, thought it was fixed. got it again last night; thought id share and see if anyone else has been getting this against any of the other ultra characters, but im pretty sure it just has to do with the the DP and the lean of Adon’s cr.short.

not anything than a minor annoyance, but if they do a patch thought id at least put it on tape.


Wow, that’s pretty shitty.


Will have to keep this in mind - thanks for highlighting it, I didn’t spot it straight away.

P.S. Your avatar is HILARIOUS Gosling - I love it!