So We Have a Brawl Forum (a.k.a. General Brawl Talk)



P.S.: First post!


SRK we da best!

(in before ViciousSlash)

Fresh air!

Goddamn that thread was getting huge!

Oh Shit!

Shout outs to Kage. Solid. Magus and Citzn.

Good games.

My Marth awaits for future battles.

Should I start a Good Game thread? for like the wii fi battles?

^ That would keep this one from getting cluttered up.

Go at it.

Anyway, it would figure that the one time I do something productive, Mr. Wizard swoops by and fucking destroys me with his magic.

Ah well, at least such a lazy person as I isn’t responsible anymore.


Ugh stupid Pit scrubs spamming his Spinning blade thingy…

Oh, yeah.

Much thanks to KidZero for actually asking and chancing getting Magic Missile in his darkness.

Parry that shit and punish them for being so stupid.

Where is my match fucker!

^ Get on wifi ARSE

dude lets play tomorrow.

I’ll join you. From now on this godlike theme must be played in every match: [media=youtube]YADizWIYUVY&feature=PlayList&p=11576D7E8C6AFA67&index=15[/media]

That’s the kind of shit that gets you pumped up.

Great matches Shade and SRKev.

There is a Good game thread now dude.

Oh, didn’t see it. I’m still used to the old thread.