So...we're just not gonna talk about Sean? (Sean guide)

this is very helpful.

Nice write up! I’ve been using sean for a long time as a backup for my ryu and urien. A lot of this I had to suffer and learn on my own, to my knowledge no one has ever put up this detailed of a sean tutorial/faq

Shoutouts to Sean’s being -2 on hit lol. Still have love for 'em though, we have the same name & initials, so I main 'em.

what are you doing!?!

de BLOO don’t like this post hate this thread!

Spectre! stop what your doing stop it RIGHT noW!! I won’t allow it! I challenge you to a Sean duel; if I win you’ll delete this thread you’ll delete it dead!

you say your better at alpha 3, or you insist on sean mirrors.

Every shoto’s is -2 on hit, Ken’s, Ryu’s, even Akuma’s. They’re all cancelable though, so they don’t have to be unsafe.

Renegade was trying to troll me, he hates me you see. Your response was about the funniest thing ever for that reason. Your response is half-right too, any good player knows how bad Sean is, therefore any good player is going to have 1 of 2 possible responses to losing to Sean: A)They’re going to hate themselves and get really, really salty because they’ll realize it was 100% their fault (at least this is what they’ll believe, because obviously a lowly Sean player couldn’t have beaten them using his own mindgames and skill) they will then probably try to money match you to save face. or B) They’ll respect the hell out of you for beating them with a terrible character. I’ve found that 3s has been around so long, more people respect good low-tier players than the other way around, which is why you aren’t getting hate mail. If it helps, just imagine that Ken/Urien/Chun player throwing his stick out the window right after the match ended. If they win, they’ll probably have nothing but contempt for you and call you a scrub and try to ignore you for the rest of their lives, but I’ve found that the same people who call people scrubs when they beat them, do it no matter which character their opponent was using. Losing to an asshole isn’t demoralizing, because that person was going to be an asshole no matter what. Beating an asshole with Sean however, is worth it.

Since you’re trolling me too, I’ll just say you punch them in the throat, and while they’re reeling from the blow, steal their wallet and run, if there is a red white & blue basketball nearby, throw it at them to hasten your retreat.

The real answer to this question however is that if you lose to a scrub, it’s your own fault, lean from it, and don’t lose next time. That and it’s important to remember that most Chun-Li players are scrubby, since scrubby Chun and “Advanced Chun” look almost exactly the same, and I’m almost serious about that. There’s not much incentive to learn how to play that character well because she’s so good, you don’t have to. But you don’t have to take my word for it, look at what a Chun-Li player (who openly hates the game) had to say about it.

In the future I will be putting up matchup advice for Ken and Chun-Li and I’m still working on Urien, so that’ll happen soon enough.

Well, I’ll play you for sure, but I’m not deleting this thread. I never claimed I was the best Sean player, just that I was an experienced one and that people can learn from my experience, and it looks like some people already have. Also, I happen to find the mirror match very frustrating simply because Sean doesn’t really have many setups, he’s pure mixup, which means winning is purely reaction-based. Players with excellent reaction time are gonna win no matter which character they use, and that’ll always be true for every single fighting game.

Anyway, stay tuned, Urien data coming soon, and Ken and Chun-Li can follow. Also just FYI, I’m 13-5 vs. Chun-Li in ranked matches on PSN, obviously, she can be beat, even with Sean, so don’t get discouraged by “scrubby Chun” as dsinnie put it.

I got 5 on my scrubby chun.

and even more scrubby ken masters.

wow is not cancelable?
that explains it.
…all this time

Haters gonna hate.

You know what’s funny is that I actually changed that line. Of course I use all the time, as I mentioned it’s Sean’s best normal, and I cancel from it all the time. It is cancelable, and I’ll fix it above. I was pretty damn sure it was, but when looking at the actual frame data, the sheet said it wasn’t. I was like “there’s no way, but then again, this is originally from, pretty much the only source for frame data, so it can’t be wrong can it?” After loading up practice mode again it sure felt like it was cancelable, but I just assumed it was a lenient link. Then again, I could have just done math and figured out you couldn’t do ~ EX tornado if it was a link. :rolleyes: I’ll have to tell ESN about this. And thanks for pointing it out, I knew in all that text something had to be wrong. Funny thing is, I changed it against my better judgement because I didn’t trust myself.

Also, dsinne, troll me more, I suck at 3rd strike, I’m the worst player ever, hubcapsignstop just proved it. This whole thread is pointless, I’ve just wasted all your time. I’m going to go kill myself now etc. etc.

its all good
i was recently playing at an arcade and I randomly got nothing after my meaty (trying>hadoublast), just standing there
then i read that line
blew my mind; I figured i just randomly did it too early
nope (too late, as usual)

nice thread though, keep it up

ps: Ryuubi Kyaku = banana kick

Yeah, Hado-burst was what half-convinced me I was wrong. It is the slowest of his 3 supers, but even if it was a link, it would still be possible cause you’re +4 after But I mean I just did it, now, and yeah, you can cancel. Also, if you’re doing it off a meaty, might wanna think about cl.hp ~ Dragon Smash ~ Hado Burst, that’s the most damage he can get off Hado Burst without jumping in and cl.hp and are the same startup and active frames meaning the meaty timing is exactly the same, additionally, if they block you can do t+hp which often works. is still Godlike tho so no harm in using it.

holy shit man i can speed run pokemon fire red with charizard only faster than the time it would take to read all this o.o

good stuff dude

you can just play me for money.

Amazing work. I’ve always wanted to give Sean a chance; now I just might.

My bad, Sean’s is -3 on hit. I knew it was 1 frame higher. . . I just used the wrong number. :tdown: -4 on block, -2 on hit ( crouching ) Not a big enough difference to matter (as far as on hit goes), but yeah. Are you gonna post your thoughts on Sean vs Mak? That matchup gives me the most trouble. . .

Sean’s st.foward beats out a lot of lows. That normal is very underrated.

Wow, who knew. I always thought the best strategy for Sean was to press right and up at the select screen.

Used to play Sean pretty seriously years back. I do plan to pick him back up once I’m more accustomed to the Japanese stick. It is a huge mistake to underestimate Sean players. I have personally fought some monster Sean players on GGPO and Supercade. Very impressive to see beast Sean players.

Holy fuck. I don’t have time to read all of this now… I am new to 3S and while I have zero interest in playing as (or even against, come to think of it LOL) Sean, I can’t wait to absorb the whole all of this because it looks like a ridiculously thorough and entertaining guide and I’m sure I’ll be a better 3S and even fighting game player in general after reading it. Bravo, Spectre General. I’ll comment more after I read it all.