So... We're Playing Again


I don’t know about anybody else, but we’re playing CvS2 again.

SF4 came and went around here, but it installed a new player base.

Add in a new guy in the scene who just happens to have this as his game room:

Plus, me and Steve H bitching for 10 months about how niggas need to drop SF4, and play CvS2… all of a sudden, we’re having a little resurgence with CvS2, and new players involved.

Now, I’m not delusional enough to think that these new guys are gonna stick around (I’d be happy with 1-2 more players when it’s all said and done), but it just got me to be a little curious about how people feel about CvS2 now, in general.

Like… I know nobody plays it anymore, but it’s my theory that nobody plays it anymore, because nobody that used to play it thinks that anybody else that used to play, still plays. So nobody plays, and when majors come up… since nobody has been playing… nobody plays it at the majors, etc.

I think that if people just started playing again, in local scenes, we could squeeze out a little more time with this game. It seems like Japan is still playing pretty hard. I, personally, know players across this country that still love CvS2… so why not?

So, yeah… I’m just curious. Are people just sick of CvS2, or would people pick it up again, if they knew others were doing it too?


i like the game and all but my hdtv cant handle cvs2


It’s funny because I just got this game for my younger brother for Christmas. We’ve been playing that non-stop even though I still play SF4.


I played SFIV, and went back to CvS2.

To be honest the only reason i play SFIV is because everyone else is and its easy to find comp. But CvS2 is way more fun.


It ain’t dead if you’re playing it. Berlin may not have a scene to talk about, but when we are playing it’s this or marvel. SF4 ain’t nothing for us. Never let go of that hope.


Oh hey pedram! Cgroove player right? I think I chatted with you a bit in France

back on topic, I play the game every chance I get… Which isnt often. It really all depends on what you’re looking to get out of all this. If it’s a few hours of fun then yeah, cvs2 will fill that need perfectly. If you’re looking to fill a competitive need, your only options are still only sf4 and tekken


Well I managed to get my copy of CvS2 installed in one of the london arcades and its gets some play. I still suck at this game purely down to the fact that I dont play it as much as: A2, A3, KoF. Im more comfortable in those games due ggpo and playing a shit lot. I need make more frequent trips down to France :confused:

Dude set your screen ratio to 4:3 and see if that makes a difference.


Yeah there’s a fair amount of people that play it out here in Vegas still.


still grainy as shit, but thats not the main point. theres input lag :chainsaw:


Yeah thats one of things I wanted you to check. If I set my TV to 16:9 ratio it lags like hell but on 4:3 resolution its fine no lag what so ever.

HAV where abouts in the US you based? If I do decide to come down for a trip would be good to know where heh.


I’ve been kicking the hell out of people at local arcades that have plenty of execution, but lacking in overall strategy and knowledge of the game. Competitively it may be dead here but when these sorts loose its very much alive.


I think it just because we’re in a perfect storm of sort. It seems like the people who didn’t have much time to play in the past (me, you, jason, ski, steve(?)), now “have the time”. Not to mention, a few of the sf4 players have semi picked it up since they’re probably tired of playing nothing but sf4. I def. won’t be surprised if the new players drop the game, but i would be surprised if 3 or more of them stick with it.


I started playing this seriously in like 2003, and even then I had barriers to overcome…what kind of stick to buy, getting used to all different kinds of American sticks (wowww what a huge waste of time that was), finally getting used to P360s, going to Asia for a couple of years and not having any skill whatsoever due to Japanese sticks, NOW just getting used to Japanese sticks because of SF4, and now I don’t even have the right TV. Input lag is terrible.

I still love playing this game, but the conditions required to play are pretty frustrating…and that’s not even talking about having a local scene or not. God, there was a good handful of people telling me to just learn it on stick, WOW what a waste of time, yes I am bitter. There might be others even more bitter than me, or with different reasons not to play…but that’s my story…


A few people over here are interested I think. I know my brother Rob [weak sauc3] definitely still loves to play it. I do too but everyone ran to sf4 like it was a good fighting game or something. They still wont open their eyes.


I never really quit.


Just play people for money like Justin Wong.

Challange strong players and post the matches up on youtube/SRK.


i’m actually glad to see CvS2 is still strong in the area. I never really got tired of the game…just lost my copy.

since the arcade nearby went shitty and never fix their shit, I saw no reason to keep going back up there feeding them money for nothing. If anything, i’m finally seeing how stupid good Roll Canceling is considering i’ve known about it and never done it before.

I always talked about this game and now i’m having to actually find a good team to run with. I’m just glad there’s a place for comp and it’s basically free.


I think it’d pick up if it were released on 360/PS3. It doesn’t even need online, just a console to play it on. A lot of people here got rid of their ps2 sticks or switched to a next gen PCB. It doesn’t need to be online either (although that would also help).

I’m throwing in 50 bucks to the prize of whoever gets first in CvS2 tournament here in San Antonio to try and draw a crowd, not sure if that’ll help but we’ll see if we can get more than 8 people.

<3 CvS2


lol evo cvs2 MM pool at evo 2010!!??


I wish cvs2 for live. Im not pro, but been playing the game for years and I never actually quit. SF4 just took comp away. That is all. Hopefully CvS2 at least has another year of life in it or more.