So, we're supposed to be able to customize colors right?


Why is it I only get to choose from 4 colors and can’t pick my own? Is there something unlockable that I don’t know about?


we should get a free colours dlc soon


Where did you hear it would be free, or soon for that matter?


I strongly advice you read the general and DLC threads concerning content in this game. No offense but this issue was covered to death.

  • The colors will be released as ‘DLC’ packs. They are in fact on disc. They are said to be free, though we suspect some packs will be premium.
  • We do not know when these packs will go live.
  • Some colors are badass, like chrome and glowing effects.


It’s so easy to do a search to find information, then posting a pointless thread but like the above poster said this issue was covered to death.


Actually this is relatively easier.


^ Grow up, don’t waste bandwidth and other people’s time because you’re lazy. That’s the way a selfish child acts.


Doesn’t mean you should do it and flood the site with pointless threads.

Read the rules.