So what about BLACK MARCH?

Is anyone really gonna boycott this entire month?

I find it hard. Especially with Street Fighter x Tekken coming out this month. I’m not supposed to be downloading ANYTHING, buying anything, what about streaming?

Is anyone else going to support the boycott?

Too late on downloading
Too late on bying
Too late on streaming

Fuck the boycott.

What the fuck is Black March?

No, I didn’t even know about it until reading this post - point being there is not enough steam behind it to amount to anything. Besides lost sales can be preidcted due ot hte rising cost of gas.

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Have no clue what this is.

Seems like some more effin hipster noise.

I’m not good at explaining things so bear with me.

It has to deal with PIPA and SOPA. There’s a new bill that the same people are trying to pass. I forget what its called, but it pretty much means you can be detained just for making a YouTube video and having a tupac video in the background being played, or having a BIC pen on your shirt’s pocket holder. Its supposedly that extreme.

As a result, anonymous wants to group people up to boycott by not downloading anything free or anything that has to be paid for, no purchasing of any type of media, and i believe no streaming.

It really is a serious issue. I’m just too drunk to make it sound that deep. I may have also forgotten key details, but that is the gist of it.

To articulate it better than nars did:


I already bought stuff and like spending my money on things, and Anonymous stuff was never my cup of tea so yeah.

Fuck that.
I torrented a bunch of music, the first season of thundercats 2011 and ordered 2 Wrestling DVD’s just this morning.

Plus The Lorax comes out today in theaters. No way am I missing that.

Is this really the right approach? There are companies who are against SOPA/PIPA. Why punish them?

Wouldn’t contacting your congressman/congresswoman and letting him/her know that you will not vote for them if they sign that bill replausable? Or maybe form an anti-SOPA/PIPA collation (formed through online registration)?

that requires people to actually do something. protesters love doing nothing.

Here I am thinking this thread’s about a bunch of proud black people walking down the city streets.

I don’t know who organized this Black March, but they didn’t put much thought into it. Essentially, they want to punish the big corporations by convincing us to not buy a single thing from anyone, anywhere. But not everyone who sells something is a corporation. I have a mobile game that I’m working on that I intend to sell; I’m the only one making the game. Should I be punished for something I had no part in?

The problem I have with these fly-by-night protests is that while the organizers have good intentions, they aren’t planned well.

If we wanted to protest SOPA/PIPA… instead of not streaming/downloading, shouldnt we be streaming and downloading every damn thing we could think of and just not buy anything from the companies who directly supported SOPA/PIPA?

I thought this was some black people ish. Now I am no longer interested.

But I love stuff!
It validates me!

Yeah I thought this was gonna be Black History Month 2

Yeah i thought black people complaining AGAIN having the shortest month be black history month…I thought they wanted to petition it for March…

How many Black Fridays are there in Black March?