-= So what are C.viper's main frame traps? =-

I’ve seen Latif do ex seismo -> SJ -> j.Lk -> st.fierce.

I donno how to time the fierce properly to make it a frame trap. Any ideas?

cr.lk > tk feint fierce,walk around,FFF.

important to vary with tick throw.

excuse my horrible english, I’m from Brazil and use googletranslator to post lol

s.LK > s.HP
s.LK > s.LK > walk forward s.HP
s.LK > walk back, c.HP

s.LK > s.MP
If you hit a counterhit s.MP, you can link it into a c.HP and then an EX Seismo.

s.LK > s.MP > c.HP
Standing light kick into standing medium punch is actually a one frame link. You can vary between linking the s.MP after the s.LK and go for the c.HP frametrap, or you can delay it and score a counterhit s.MP.

s.LK, s.LK > Instant MK BK
s.HP > HP TK feint > walk up s.HP/c.HP

Basically all you have to do is determine your opponent’s ability to tech your throws. If they tech your throws consistently, it means they time their crouch tech in a specific way at a certain moment to make sure they don’t get thrown. If that happens, start switching up the timing in your blockstrings. Substitute the moment where you’d normally go for a throw for a delayed normal to score a counterhit. Use the moment after they’ve recovered from blockstun and hit crouch tech in anticipation for the throw to stick out that normal and punish them for hitting those buttons.

For it to work, you have to understand what you’re doing first. See what your own blockstrings into tick throw consist of and then you look at how your opponent defends against them. Then you start using those frametraps.

thanks great help!

this is something I definitely need to work on, always did it just to throw it in, not even paying attention to how the other players reacting

2 frame

Does anyone know the frame trap where latif does ex seismo -> SJ -> jump. light kick -> both characters land -> latif does a standing. fierce?

I’m not sure when to time that fierce. It’s an amazing frame trap + side switch mixup.

i not sure but i test and in the corner you can do s.lk cancel intro lk burning kick if he do a throw or a tech you get a free ultra.
maybe this frame trap help a bit