So what are the upcoming fighting games for the xbox?

Anyone got a list of fighting games coming out for the xbox this fall?Because i am planning on getting one next month.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Guilty Gear XX #Reload
SvC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom
King of Fighters 2002/2003
Samurai Shodown 5
Samurai Shodown 5 Special
Dead or Alive: Ultimate
Mortal Kombat: Decpetion

All of them will have online play.

beat me to it… lol…

ooh samurai showdown 5,i didn’t know that,loll

add midway classics to that list if you want MK 2 and 3

if they have bonuses,maybe.Because i can emulate them on PC.

Ok dude :lame: why buy anything at all if you can just emulate it on your pc. :lk:

Because the tempation is tostrong,but i will probably buy it,since i don’t like emulation anymore.Not the same as the real thing.

im definently looking forward to sfae, #reload and kof2k2/2k3.

If we don’t buy the games, why would developer spend the resources making the game? :lame:

Those two are supposed to be together in a 2-pack.

Yea i know I was being sarcastic. There isn’t a sarcastic font anywhere. :lame:

btw, in case nobody knows, I asked someone at Gamestop when #R comes out on XBOX and apparently the title is actually going to be “GGX2 LIVE”, not GGX2#Reload.

Yea full name:Guilty Gear X2 Live: The Midnight Carnival #Reload

I thought so, but I can’t find any site where it confirms that they are bundled together… every site I’ve checked has them seperate. If you do have a link confirming it please post it because I can’t find anywhere saying it :frowning:

Too lazy to go search, but it was in a press release from a different SNKP game.

What about Fight Club? Oh right, dont talk about Fight Club…

Now that’s comedy! :lp: :lp: :r: :lk: :hp:

And heres an interview where its made clear its a 2-pack: