So what changes should we expect for sakura?

i’ve looked around and cant seem to find what sakura changes will be coming in with ssfiv. i really hope they fix her up. she’s my favorite character but its so damn annoying trying to tread water with her.

really? you couldnt find ANYTHING?

things worth mentioning: full screen fireball and cross-up mk

Well, I saw a video of her new ultra and thats about it. Where did you read that stuff? Those sound like alright buffs but hopefully she’s get a little more lined up than just that.

well full screen fireball and cross up mk is safe, look on youtube vids.

i hope they may have changed some of her normals to the better.
i mean capcom himselfs says, no character plays exactly like in sf4.

changes so far didn’t seem any to make any change to gameplay.
so i hope we might see some nice that are not clearly visible. beeing 4 frames instead of 5 for exampe would be nice buff.
same for

if her normals stay the same she is gonna have a hard time compete.

What i heard from this spanish podcast:

Her 2nd ultra is a fireball which is comboable, it can go either forwards or vertical (they didnt really explain or give more details to it)
Her damage isnt reduced, which automatically makes her better than she was because the dmg of all the upper tier characters (except boxers) was reduced .
She got her crossup back
Fireball goes full screen

I think she will still be at the bottom part of mid, but i dont think she will be low nemore… these guys were actually saying the game is pretty good balanced, so there should be only like a little A Tier, a big big big big ass B Tier, and a C Tier, and Sakura would fall in the C category… which isnt actually low if you ask me.

Then again, thats what they were saying and what i believe… lets wait for the game.

I think people are underestimating how good a reliable safe crossup is, as well as the speeding of focus attacks. Imo those two along with the nerfing of Sagat and others bump her from lower C or D tier to possibly as high as mid to upper B tier at the least upper C. She still might have trouble getting in but these seem like some really really solid buffs.

any buffs are welcome, i cant say that much. i mained her but was really hitting a wall and moved to zangief…who is getting major nerfs. too many if you ask me. looks like its back to sakura. and ibuki.

no i gotta say i think she will still be low with what we know of so far

Better cross-up and new Ultra won’t change her match-ups, those are the things that decide what tier she’s in.

So what do you think would have been an appropriate fix, besides what they’ve already added? How could they have salvaged Sakura?

I think they should have given her either a slight damage increase and/or made it so you can combo from her ex-tatsu into her super far easier. Maybe you can now that she has that fireball. It was possible before but it wasn’t full-proof when you play online.

Faster pokes and better fireball, fact that it travels a bit farther is immaterial if it’s just as slow in every aspect. It needed much better recovery, bit faster speed and maybe bit faster activation speed.

Sakura doesn’t have all that much range from her pokes, it kinda sucks how characters are able to throw attacks much farther and quicker than she can, puts her at a distinct disadvantage. Also bit better priority on them to make up for the lack of range would be helpful too.

A new move (outside of new Ultra) would have been nice but that was just wishful thinking really. Otoshi could have been improved to help her deal with fireballs better and cross the screen quicker; faster, better ranges, bounces off fireballs like in Alpha 3.

her pokes aren’t terrible to begin with but i would really like them to be buffed as well. i’ve always seen her as a good poke/anti-air character in this game. the new ultra will help her anti-air game. it really would have been nice for them to tweak those pokes. it just sucks that she’s forever mid-tier at best.

her pokes are not good for playing footsies imho.
they are good for close range pressure cause they are fast.

only is useful, has to big startup to be used in a footsie game. though it is great at certain ranges.

She can’t compete a footsie game against many character with better pokes. (guile, chun,gen, bison, what ever)
and some of those got buffs in there normals now making it even harder.

but i still hope her normals got buffed.

I’m more worried about the recovery of s.HK, too many times I’ve tried poking with it only for my opponent to jump at me and get a free combo 'cause of the God awful recovery >.< s.MP and s.HP seem to have reasonable good priority but the range is pathetic, c.MP probably has the same range and priority, plus is special cancelable ontop :confused:

Unless you’re Daigo or someone with Superman like reactions you won’t be using Shinkuu Hadouken as an anti-air unless you’re expecting a jump, it’ll help but it’s no LP SRK > Ultra.

Seriously, I’d be happy if Sakura was a solid mid-tier, being around mid-upper low tier isn’t great :frowning:

who knows. maybe there is more to her than we know about. i’m really hoping they worked hard on the balance issues and brought her back into the mix.

“so what changes should we expect for sakura?”

More wins is what I’m hoping for!

new videos showcasing ssf4 sakura:


it seems like her mid-range poking game is still pretty much the same (also known as bad), but maybe the better fireballs will help give her an actual zoning game.

as seen in the second video, it doesn’t seem too hard to use U2 as an anti-air. seems like scaling hits it really hard from a bnb into ex-tatsu, but overall, i see no reason to use U1 anymore. it also seems fast enough to be used in a fireball war in the same way ryu’s metsu hadoken as well.

EDIT: i just saw that the videos were posted in the video thread. mehhz

yeah, her U1 is probably going to fade away. they really, REALLY should have added her ultra where she does all the uppercuts. i know her ex dragon punch is pretty much that move, but a super version would be cool. unless there is a really big damage difference, i’ll probably take the security of nailing the U2 in a combo rather than U1.

If it’s true that her damage hasn’t been nerfed then she’s jumped from B-tier in damage to A-tier

why’s that? just because lots of other characters had theirs lowered? i guess that could be pretty cool. are there any characters we know of who HAVENT had their damage output lowered?