So what did Morrigan do to Jack?(spoilers if you never read Darkstalkers Issue 1)

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In Issue 1, Morrigan obviously engages Jack in an act that leaves him dead on the spot but what do you think she did to him?
I thought that she performed a Rated R action on him but my sister said that she kissed him. Now that I think about it, that is exactly how she killed Pyron in her Darkstalkers/Nightwarriors ending. So what do you guys think?

I’m going with her doing something Rated X to Jack. She’s a Succubus, it’s what they do.

Succubi actually don’t do that. Not really. They do it in your dreams, and suck your life energy out. You never wake up, and die happy. It’s win-win!

That’s still kind of X-Rated. I mean, if you show the whole thing in a comic you have to show the guy’s dream…

Yes but, if you watched and couldn’t see the dream, it would be pretty boring.

Scene: Guy is asleep, Morrigan is filing her nails.
Morrigan yawns. Guy fidgets. Morrigan throws blanket over him so she doesn’t have to see his arousal. Morrigan files nails. Morrigan sighs, mutters something about him taking forever. Cell Phone rings, Morrigan picks up and begins chatting with Lei-Lei about going to the mall that evening. Lei-Lei asks Morrigan what she’s up to now, Morrigan replies “Just gettin dinner”. Morrigan hangs up phone, pulls out ball of yarn and starts knitting a sweater. Sweater only covers her arms and stomach. Guy starts breathing heavily, Morrigan mutters “About time”. Puts yarn and nail file in her bag. Guy shudders, dies, Morrigan gets another bat following her (If I recall correctly, the bats following her are the souls of all the men she has consumed). She then proceeds to go to the mall to meet Lei-Lei. She buys a Luis Vutton bag.

Later she finds out it was a fake Luis Vutton bag. She goes and consumes the soul of the guy who sold it to her the next night.

absolutely horrid fan fiction.

Who the hell is Jack? These arbitrary characters. :rolleyes:

Jack was the man whose house Morrigan stayed in when she was disguised as a homeless woman named Ann. He appeared and was killed by Morrigan in Issue 1.

She probably used her Eternal Slumber move from MVC.

Uh, Morrigan would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER do that.

She SUCKED the life out of him. Wink wink nudge nudge.

She married him?

Well she is the personification of a wet dream so we know it’s X rated and kissing ain’t X rated.

Is I-No a succubus too?

Wins thread. :tup:

She sucked his life force out, either within a dream or some other way. It depends how the Capcom version works…he didn’t look asleep to me though. I think I’ve read before that his soul turns into one of the bats and he’s eternally having sex with her, atleast in his reality. In the ‘real’ world he’s just some bat that she can command and use powers from.

I like the Dark Stalkers comic a lot. Jedah will probably be awesome. I guess official storyline wise Morrigan winds up being the most powerful…but…I kind of would rather have Demitri win. I just don’t think Morrigan is a serious character, and right now Demitri seems more considerate (he gives people a choice and lets them know what will happen, Morrigan basically tricks people and then rapes+kills them, also she was simply BORN powerful, which I always hate, rather than actually learning and training like Demitri is doing).

I own and have read the first 3 issues, I’m getting 4 and if 5 comes out I’ll get that too on Wednesday. I wonder how many issues this will be. I think Udon’s actually done a better job on Dark Stalkers so far…I think everyone that I liked that was working on SF jumped to DS and it kind of shows. SF is still awesome, but I think DS is just done better and so far looks to have the tighter storyline, whereas SF really hasn’t had a complete overriding story arch yet. Basically…DS will, I’m almost positive of this, be what the anime/OVAs were supposed to be.

Does anybody have or know where I can get scans? I have and always will pick up hard copies of both SF and DS, but I would like to have it on my computer as well, since I don’t really like pulling them out much. I’ve reread the SF comic twice on my computer, but only read it the once through on the hard copies I own. I understand this is a sensitive issue though…so I guess whoever has them just PM me with it.

why hate on morrigon for simply being BORN powerful? i’m sure she had to hone her powers and learn how to properly wield them otherwise she probably wouldn’t have lasted living in the human world longer then five seconds. quick question, if morrigon is a succubus does that mean her father is one aswell?

Why am I not surprised?

if you remember, Jack was in his underwear when they showed his body…

don’t kill my fantasy :encore:

The male version of a succubus is an incubus, and to answer your question, probably. Since the preview for issue 6 shows a small resemblance.

Why hate on morrigan? i dont hate her but that same question u asked is like asking why King Vegeta hated on Paragas and his Son Brolli the Legendary Super Saiyan for being powerful lmao