So what did Sakurai REALLY think of Smash Brothers?


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Masahiro Sakurai Reflects on Super Smash Bros. Melee

In retrospect, did he succeed?

Is it a good idea to pander to ‘casual’ fans more then the ‘hardcore’ group? Or vice versa?




so thats why brawl gets shat on constantly…hmm…

sakurai wanted brawl to be melee but tried to simplify to gameplay to bring in new players and got the “brawl engine” instead?


The irony of the situation being that the community is hacking the game to be more like the one he didn’t make it to be like in the first place.



I can respect what he tried to do but honestly he took it a bit to far. And tripping was just a bad idea in general.


Seems weird to me. I mean, how was Melee NOT accessible? The game sold around 7 mil. and plays similar to brawl. IMO he shouldn’t have tried so hard to diminish certain aspects of Melee. I mean it’s not like casual fans ran away or stopped playing it after they were exposed to advanced techniques and whatnot.


people is under the weird assumption that hardcore players ruin the games, or that if its too complicate the game wouldnt be liked.
there are many people that doesnt know or care about various mechanics that are in the games that they play and yet they are still playing them and having fun, just seeing how various cousins of mine enjoy their time on brawl and meele back in the day and they can give a fuck of how the tournament players play the games
imo game developers should be working on making games that are enjoyable at different levels of play and not catering to the cassuals or the hardcores, since such thing is just silly


Was it really? Seven million is a big number for a fighting game, especially for the likes of the Gamecube. Did Super / Vanilla even sell anywhere near that much? Across two consoles even?

I mean, to me he did succeed. Look at how we (SRK) treat people who came from Smash, it’s because the game pulled in that many from an area / demographic our games didn’t / couldn’t that folks get annoyed. It took SSF4 to do that, but the irony is that even Super is following in Brawl’s footsteps as much as Brawl was following in Melee’s.



I’m pretty amazed that Sakurai pretty much did the Melee work as a one-man show. Even though I don’t get how he can say that Melee was a difficult game to play, I can still appreciate the work that he put into the franchise.


I’ve read some interviews with him in the past, and he is too damn concerned about beginners. From one perspective, you can assume that he’s all about the money by going for the lowest common denominator.

On a surface level, I always thought Melee to be fine for anyone. I remember my friends and neighbors would play this game and we loved it and no one had a truly difficult time learning it. The best thing about Melee, even though I never played competitively, was that you were able to go deeper into the game and enjoy yourself a different game. Your favorite Nintendo characters, easy to learn basic controls, and the option to play a more technical game? This is a perfect package for everyone. Hell, some friends of mine will say that Melee was the better game because it was a faster, more exciting game than Brawl.

And I absolutely disagree with him not being preoccupied with gameplay and balance details. If you don’t try to perfect those, then you’ve got yourself the typical licensed game. I could always goes back to Melee, but before I finally quit Brawl, it was a chore to just turn on the Wii to play it, and I’d only play it for a few CPU matches then quit.

IMO, Sakurai did an amazing job with Melee, but he went against his creed of accessibility on some things and he didn’t really try to break players in beyond the How to Play video. I think part of the reason he doesn’t want to do another Melee is because of the time and precision put into it. If I were him, I wouldn’t do more Smash Bros. games period. It would obviously be not in me to do something like that again. I’d give the helm to someone who’d be more than willing to put the time into that (and probably make a better game).


who fuckin cares


Nice contribution.

I agree with Hecatom. Melee was a game that catered to players with different skill levels, the casual players and those who delved deep into the metagame. Even though you barely scratched the surface of the game or you’re going in balls deep with knowledge of different match ups, advanced techs, etc. you’re still having fun with the game regardless of what skill level you are. Brawl on the other hand, to me, was like a silent “Fuck you” to the “hardcore” Smash players. While what Sakurai did was understandable, there are things I personally thought was out of place, like tripping. And I think it goes without saying that I enjoyed Melee way more than Brawl.

On somewhat related news, Project M is really looking interesting so far, I may check it out.

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This whole “games must be balanced with your mom’s dexterity in mind” thing is the biggest crock of shit ever. And screw Sirlin for tricking so many assholes into believing it

I’ve lost count of how many games I’ve had fun with without even reaching intermediate playing proficience on them. If your game is good, crutches are completely unneeded

When you have to cheapen your vision for a game at the cost of lowering skill ceiling (and as anyone can see from just browsing these forums, there’s plenty of folk that now believe fgs should be only about tactical decisions and that high dexterity requirements have no place in the genre) you’ve already jeopardized the notion of making the best possible game you could


It’s suppose to be a fun game where you can pick your favorite retro characters and do crazy shit with them. This is how it was when we used to play the first one all night long and it’s how I feel they should all be. To me, smash is the NBA Jam of fighting games.

I really support his endeavour to keep it aimed towards the casual audience. Keep putting more crazy ass items and characters in to keep it fun. Fun is the priority here.


some sad weirdos are still gonna try to play it competitively no matter how much he dumbs it down (as if it wasnt a dumb kiddie game from the start)


melee is actually a pretty good example of a game with easy fun things for normal players and hidden (if accidental) depth

i’d compare it to mvc2 in that sense (only in that sense, mind you), and i definitely prefer that to the “balancing for the casual audience” approach of sf4

don’t really care about this topic otherwise, just figured i’d mention that


It’s cool that you don’t care about the topic otherwise, just adding the presence of Chairman Jackie to the thread was good enough.


Thing is, melee was exactly that while having enough depth for people to play it more than casually. It had peoples favorite characters, it had the crazy stages, and it had the fun items. Yet their was shit their for people like us to sink our teeth into, thus you’re getting two different customer bases.


What makes you think that competitive smashers aren’t having fun? Why does he have to screw one audience over? Why not just cater to both?

Melee’s greatest asset was that you had enough options to virtually make it any kind of game you wanted. There was no need to dumb it down so long as they had kept their focus on customization.


Preception could be an issue for the game aswell.

When potential players hear about this fighting game and how difficult and high level it can be it starts to seem a lot less accessable to them. Thus they are not interested in it and the goal of making a fighting games for non-fighting game players is defeated.

I’m pretty sure they could not allow it as a tournament game if they really wanted to though, showing it in a venue that public and charging people to enter a tournament might even be illegal. Might need to read the fine print in the manual and ask an expert about that one though.

EDIT: contrary to what chibi posted it looks like you’re all smash zealouts and this thread is gonna get gross fast. I’m out of here.


This. Games are starting to suck because almost TOO MUCH thought is being put into them. Granted they have bigger budgets, but do you really think they were banking on Melee, or SF2 being big hits when they were making them? No, they just made a game and let the audiences sort out whether or not they liked it. People too worried about “market research” these days. Just make the game and if it’s great, we’ll give you all our money.

True. But usually the people talking about how difficult and high level a game is are people who play the game trying to tell everyone else how big their balls are. :stuck_out_tongue: