So what did you do during No SRK Break?

I worked on my game for the Game Prototype Challenge. It’s almost done.

Worked, went to my weekly guitar lesson, bought myself a new electric guitar, played Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, SFxT and Uncharted 1.

Piano, Work, College, played two soccer games, leveled up on TTT2/KOFXIII, and played in a small time tournament at Ramstein Kaiserslautern

Work, Earthbound, Ragnarok odyssey, watched Beta try to grind for platinum trophy. More Ragnarok.

even more ragnarok, Started writing up a guide for Parrying…in Ragnarok.

Decimated the local sex trade worker population.

Didn’t get laid.

Tumblr, Gears of War, and tonsa’ drugs.

SWIM, Smoked crack and killed hookers everyday

Lua Scripting

Spend my internet time on /wooo/

Porn, neogaf, played some VF, went to the shops, purchased some ginger wine, listened to some Coldplay, same old, same old.

lol@tiny avatars and disagree button, haha

fought srk withdrawal symptoms.

Had sex, with a girl!!!

And also had a nice hearty laugh at this.


porn and masturbation… a lot of porn… and a lot of masturbation. Like it’s seriously a good thing SRK came back today cause idk if i could handle another day of that much porn and masturbation

Got a lot of work done!

Shovel out the Nemo aftermath.

I went through Infraction withdrawal so I had to go through police training just so I could hand out tickets.

you all lie!!

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Read The Walking Dead comic (so much better than the show).

Also worked on a stick that was worth $13k, or at least that’s how much it raised for charity. O_O

I think I did some other shit, but I can’t remember.

Sat at my computer hitting the refresh button over and over and over…