So what did you guys think of Melty Blood?

Some people say that the grand finals were disappointing as a H-Kohaku mirror. Others were interested in the game and said they’d be willing to try it out.

Do you guys think it deserves a spot for next year?

I dont know. I mean, I have nothing personal against the game. It seems like a fine and solid game, but theres already so many other games, and games that play somewhat similar to it too. I’m referring to guilty gear and blazblue of speed and air dashes. The thing that bugs me about melty are the characters. They all look so plain and boring. Hm, who do I want to play? The girl in the jeans? Or maybe the girl in the dress? Or perhaps the schoolboy? What about a maid (though she seems to be some sort of android maid… thingy)? I’ve watched a little melty a few times on different streams, and I don’t think it’s a bad game (I actually enjoy faster paced games with air dashes and what not more than sf type games), but it’s never interested me enough to want to get into the game.

As for whether it deserves a spot for next year will be tough to tell. A lot of games may be out by next year including BB:CS (end of july), and I think mvc3, mk9 and kof13 (am I supposed to use a roman numeral for this?) will be out also next year. So if all those games are good and accepted by the community,and if you keep in mind the games that were there this year, there’s going to be a lot of competition for the limited amount of spots for games at evo.

I was hype for it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yeah the finals ended in mirrors but I don’t find that unusual, Tekken consisted of mostly the same characters but no mirrors but it could have happened in IV or T6.

All the finals were pretty good. I would vouch for it again but with all the newer mainstream games coming I doubt it.

I was honestly surprised by how entertaining it was, and am actually interested in picking it up for fun to be honest.

I think a lot of people that play this game now were initially turned off by the character designs and anime maids and shit, myself included. Don’t be, this game is legit. Hopefully it’ll get a release on newer consoles (downloadable title maybe?) so more people can have access to it.

And I HATE most anime, too. I would play this shit constantly if I could.

It’d be really nice to see it as a rerelease on Live/PSN~ etc. Would definitely be nice to see next year. Was a hell of a lot more hype than Soul Calibur 4 or something.

Here is hoping KoF XIII and Blazblue get their shot next year. I saw Keits talking about “Scene needs to be exposed first to make it to something like Evo, support your scene and Evo will be there.”

…but that’s just not how this community works really. Evo, much like MTV does to music~ can influence the seen by what it supports. By representing Melty Blood, you may have just revitalized that scene, where a tournament may not have happened somewhere, now it will. People who never had heard of it, will now play it.

Games are coming out soon that deserve the focus~ sometimes Evo should also show the support if they have a sign in roster that represents it. Even if you have to do something like set up a minimum sign in cutoff for it to be represented. It was good that Melty Blood made it to Evo~ refreshing. <3

This is a legit complaint, but some people like myself really appreciate a change of pace from the over the top characters that populate fighters today. The characters of Melty Blood are elegant in their simplicity, most of them aren’t too flashy but that doesn’t stop them from pulling off flashy combos and setups. Just because they aren’t as stupidly outrageous as Hakan (my favorite character from SFIV) doesn’t mean they are boring.

I’ve seen Melty on spooky streams before … always looked interesting. The unfortunate thing about a game like that is 1) aesthetics can be a turnoff for some people and 2) you pretty much have to have a local scene (that’s willing!) to play it.

Melty Blood has everything working against it. It was a miracle that it was at EVO this year and took a lot of hard work from the community to get it there. It got a decent turn out and really deserved a later spot on the stream to get more exposure, especially over 2 games that barely have a future (MvC and TvC of course). As far as the stream and level of play is concerned, that game had the best commentary from the entire stream thanks to Bell and Sp00ky, and unlike some of the other games you KNEW that just about everyone who entered was very good at the game and didn’t just enter it for shits and giggles to kill time.

I’m glad Melty Blood was at EVO. It gave me something to sleep through before real games came up on the screen. They should run it once more at 2k11.

This is how I feel as well. I realize it’s a great game and respect it and it’s players but… The character design is boring.
Something about the colors used is also kind of plain and boring, kinda monotone. There seems to be some more interesting looking characters, but I rarely see them used in the footage I’ve seen of the game including the finals.
The character seelct screen is the most telling of this problem… I see a ton of characters, but I can hardly tell their portrait boxes apart. It’s a very shallow problem, but still.

I also think that the lack of a “player camera” during those finals hurt it some. I had no face to put on the player names, only the characters they played.

To answer the OP question, there are so many other games already and new ones coming out, I don’t feel tempted by Melty at all. Sorry.

how many entered?

Like 110 to 120 I believe

Watching finals was my first time really looking at the game :tup: Seems like you could get very technical with it. I’ve no interest in learning a new game, but at least now I know why people are into it!

It’s one of the most flexible fighting games out there.

146 entrants.

Melty seems like a solid game with great balance and great mechanics. Where it runs into serious problems is what one must do to just to acquire a legitimate copy.

Not only is it on the PS2, which means that you can only use a PS2 stick or pad, but it was a Japan only release, which means that you’ll need to either mod your PS2, use a swap disc, or get a Japanese region PS2. And it costs $70 to import.

You can also pirate it and play it on an emulator, but for the Melty scene to really grow they need to release it on PSN and XBL with netplay.

From what I heard, the Player camera was broken early Sunday morning when MBAA started, and it wasn’t repaired until Marvel.

I thought it looked interesting, and it was nice to see something fresh like that at Evo. Like others have said, I’ll probably never play it unless it gets a PSN/XBLA release.

something is going to get bumped for BBCS. It might be MeltyBlood.