So...What do competitive fighting game players REALLY think of Smash?

I’ve gotten random opinions about what people who play Street Fighter, Tekken, etc. think about Super Smash Bros. I thought I’d just ask all of SRK in general.

We’ve had this topic before. It never ends well. Just get someone to close this before lots of stupid drama and arguing occurs.

Fun platformer, and the new Space Emissary addition is evidence of that.

Alright, thanks for the headsup.
How does one close a topic? Just say…HAY MODERATORS CLOSE THIS THREAD LOL or something?

Really want those shields…wait a sec…

Black hole glitch for the win…

Its more of a party game than a fighting game to me.

when you play the game as is, it has interesting characters and clever backround designs. its just really fun overall but its too random to play for real. when you take the items and fun levels out it becomes closer to a fighting game, but not a good one so just play street fighter.

This topic smells so much of bait i’m surprised it didn’t get closed as soon as the topic creator put in ‘So…’

…that went well.

wow plz someone close this obvious flame bait

dont worry about it

I want the black shield.

it was fun, but then i moved on to middle school

Shouldn’t this be in General Discussion?

Aha, just kidding. I play it casually, but I respect the abilities of those that play competitively.

i only like playing with items on. Taking away the items takes away the fun for me.


I moved on from smash after the Mario 3 POW stages.

The one-on-one game is no more of a party game than MvC2 is.

And the flames begin… now.

It’s a good game, although way too many button presses… WAY WAY WAY too many. 4-5 inputs to do a fucking jump kick. wtf.

Also, I think L-Cancelling is stupid. Is there ever a reason not to do it? Should just be automatic.

Good game though… Kinda fails as a true fighting game, because you gotta make up all these rules and ban a pile of stuff to make it “fair”. but It’s fun all the same.