So what do you get for beating trials in Super?


Special titles, icons ?



Colors are unlocked for playing the game.


The same as you got for hanging on to your SFIV disk - muddabushkas.

Feeling gypped yet…?


Because hanging onto a disc is SO HARD


^ No. Being a consumer sap is easy. You’re right. :china:


Because they make so much cash off me holding onto a disc.

Though they totally tricked when I bought the game. All I got was a game! What a gyp. Gotta stop being the consumer bitch I am.


huh? could you be more specific? How do you unlock taunts and colors exactly? is it literally a matter of the amount of time or number of fights you’ve had?

I got some sakura titles/icons for beating the game and doing trials with her. pretty straightforward

The 2 “colors” for having an sf4 save data are both crap.


From playing online battles… Just using ranked, i got 4 colors and taunts. Also, the “11 & 12” colors blow pretty hard


Rather keep the SF4 disc than donate it to Gamestop for $3.50.