So what do you think the "best" Evo was?

With evo 2007 coming up (and me missing Evo East…curse you Spic Tom…) What do you think is the best Evo tourney that happened so far? J’Wongs first dominating preformance in Marvel? Evo Moment #37?

evo moment #37 no doubt.

its the only moment i’m familiar with lol, since i’ve never been.

Evo 2k3 was awesome K.O. was so beastly and he is one of my favorite players him, Ricky Ortiz, Pyrolee, and Ed Ma.

You too huh?

he bought an xbox 360 you know :rofl:

I have never been to EVO, but I bet the early tournaments that used arcades as opposed to consoles were pretty exciting.

… Moment #37 was pretty darn cool too.

when the pizza beast was unleashed

Depends on the Game, 2k4 for 3s(Daigo Parry), 2k6 for Marvel(Sanfords matchs with Rowtron & Duc Do.)

2006 for me , 2004 is close

2k2 was my favorite because it was only street fighter.

never been to one but 2k4 with that #37 evo moment and daigo taking, ST and GG was pretty awesome

Moment #37

I knew it:rolleyes:

I’d like to see a moment that’s NOT #37 sometime, lol

B4. My mom went with me.


For me it was Evo2k3, but my opinion is a bit biased as that’s the only Evo I’ve been able to attend so far.

Regardless it was awesome seeing Team Japan rape in person and then playing them in casuals at the hotel afterwards. Plus meeting the likes of Cole, Rockefeller, Vic Vance, and others was simply great.

Plus getting piss drunk with random people was fun too. :rofl:

I’ve only be to evo 2k5 and 2k6, and 2k5 was the best for me. The finals at 05 were so ridiculous.

…wow. I had save up a good $600 for that…had I known that was why, I would’ve still tried to go.

Oh well…we gotta get some casuals in, man. My Makoto> your Remy. BRING IT!


Forgive me for sounding like a noob, but what is moment #37?

I’ve only been to 2k6, but it was fun enough to make me want to go again if I get the chance (gaining a whole new perspective on Las Vegas along the way helped as well).

Daigo’s heinous comeback against Justin at Evo '04.



-Fritz :clap: