So What do YOU Think?

I’m just curious, many you have now seen Smash in its tournament setting at Evo. Did it meet your expectations? Exceed them? Fall even further from grace in your mind than it was previously? What surprised you? What didn’t?

Please only answer these questions if you have been to Evo and actually taken a few moments to watch Smash.

what i’m interested in are fighting games. smash is smash.

that’s all i gotta say.

its a game i dont play

do you want my wallet too

After EvoEast, I viewed Smash in the same light as I did prior to Evo; it deserves it’s Evo spot. I just think all this hatred between both sides is dumb, and if our community wants to grow, we need to be more accepting to both sides.


I don’t think a lot of people watch matches of it but don’t play it.