So what Gen nerfs would you like to see in Ultra Street Fighter 4?

Just saw Xian overpower his way to Evo 2013 championship with little effort. Gen seems to have too many tools to do everything.

  1. Don’t allow million hands to be super cancelable
  2. Don’t allow ultra follow up after super
  3. Increase hurtbox of waterfall kick
  4. Remove unlockables, so Gen isn’t as BS with his vortex

I think that would be pretty fair

Shut up dood.

That’s not dood. He doesn’t have an Ayumi Hamasaki AV…

Hey OP. From the bottom of my heart.

I hope that the op dies horribly on a fire or something, no seriously kill yourself :tup:

Gen forums not able to have a constructive discussion? Not surprising.

Well anyone want to comment or counter any of my points? Doesn’t look like it. Seems like people want to sweep the nerfs under a rug.

What a stupid troll. This is what’s wrong w this forum. Someone wins evo and the characters OP. No. What would be fair, is you walking around with a potted plant 24 hours a day, to replace our oxygen you waste with your stupidity.

I wish there was a special “idiot” button in flag section.

lmao, someone’s salty that Xian outplayed everyone at Evo.

how many future posts would you like to see from this user

  1. zero

I think that would be pretty fair

Also, wtf is an unlockable? I don’t remember Gen unlocking anything.

Boo this man!

I want to see a nerf put on your ability to post.

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He really flagged all of us, lol.

Here’s a photo of the OP.

Remember that time when OP thought it was a good ideal to make himself look like the biggest dumb ass on this entire website. OP doesn’t because he is too busy huffing gas.

It’s a trophy if you ask me.

Pretty funny there’s no constructive discussion, just abuse.

Expected nothing less from SRK tbh.

Seriously though, that last clip shown at EVO has given me a lot of ideas of how OP should be dealt with…

Hit his dumb ass with a three piece plus a biscuit.