So what happened to Gamerfinger?


Tried to order some Gamerfinger HBSF-G2 buttons, but it seems that they are discontinued? Does anyone know what happened, why is it not possible to order these buttons anymore?


They are redesigning the buttons. The current lineup was discontinued.


They hinted a few months back that the new ones will be screw-in, maybe they will still offer snap-ins with the new design too, we will see.


Ok cool. Can’t wait for the redesigns then.


Why would you Gamerfinger when OBS-MX is around? That’s probably what they’re wrestling with as well.


Gamerfinger offer 24mm buttons and you can freely swap out the switches with whichever you like, rather than the somewhat limited range offered for OBS-MX.

Personally, i also prefer the shape of Gamerfinger buttons too.


Those are pretty much the main advantage of Gamerfinger (but the button shape is subjective per user, personally I think the octagon is a gimmick), but I see a lot more advantages to the OBS-MX overall tho. OBS-MX’s switches are also very much swappable, but it is not as easy, but it isn’t too hard tho, but you can swap it with any other microswitches in the market that has the same microswitch plunger as the Cherry MX ones. OBS-MX was also designed to have a short actuation distance which is another appealing factor to me. It also has a very large variety of rim colors (well only because it drops into Sanwa buttons), plunger is a bit limited, but the options for the plunger colors are expanding. The drop ins are also cheap (slightly more than a regular OBSF button, less than an OBSC button iirc), but clear rims will make it cost the same as a Gamerfinger if you don’t have rims ready for that. If you’re using a hitbox, then yea you’re kinda out of luck on Cherry MX buttons for a while, but if you’re not then just grab the OBS-MX. If you end up getting Gamerfinger and liking those a lot more, then sell the OBS-MX to someone in the local FGC or online, I’m sure someone in there will love them.


I haven’t heard of the OBS-MX before, but what makes me interested in Gamerfinger, is the fact that the noise is greatly reduced. Is OBX-MX silent button as well, and should I look into it as an alternative?


I kinda forgot Gamerfinger were pretty silent, short answer is that there isn’t a native way to silence them ATM. But you can try O-Rings, modifying the Kahunas or the Sanwa Silencing Pads, try using some foam rubber, etc. I could try to make mines silent and give a definitive result, but I’m too poor ATM. I think O-rings did work well from what I heard.


I guess that I’ll just wait for the re-designed Gamerfingers then, because the main reason for me to get them in the first place was to get silenced buttons with a great feel.


GamerFinger are the most silent buttons out there, they were designed around the foam(or whatever material) pad unlike other buttons where they just add it to the current mold.


I don’t necessary consider any MX based buttons silent as, there are MX switches`(such as the MX Cherry Blues) by design makes a very audible click.


Most of the buttons sound is the plunger hitting the housing at the bottom, you can remove the switch from the OBSF or whatever button and it sounds just as loud.


The octagonal IS a gimmick to stand out, obviously. I like them as something different.

They desperately need a redesign, since their biggest issue (too stiff tabs causing acrylic/plexi panels to break/crack) is still in the G2 design. Screwins would fix that on cases solely made of acrylic or plexi, and snapins would still be fine for metal panels. I think everything else was solid on the buttons.


Did you ever listen to someone type on a MX blue keyboard? or even a single MX blue switch.

There button plungers can and do fly off on heated matches.
The only retention of the button plunger is fitting on the switch stem.
On other buttons, including the OBX-MX has tabs to hold the plunger onto the rim.


If you want gamerfinger buttons, wait for the revised version. Don’t settle for less.

People claim the switches come off during play, but thats because they dont secure the switches all the way down to insert the other smaller stems in place. Secure the switch then add the plunger. The only way the switches come off on my gamerfingers are with tools.


I haven’t looked at the innards of gamerfingers switch but afaik the obs-mx would be pretty simple to swap. Don’t even have to desolder. MX switch tops can be opened from the top and the sliders can be swapped if you choose to do so.


I’ve never personally had a plunger fly off. Guess I’m lucky on that.


As an aesthetics guy I’d drop my HBFS for OBSMX in a heartbeat if they added plungers that let you use swappable artwork and also made a version for PS14KNs so I can get them a) in a screw in button and b) in more colours


If you have to ask this question you must not have used them before.

Aside from the annoyance the first gen had with installing the switch, especially in their first gen run. Gamerfingers are hands down the best button available currently.