So what happened to Gamerfinger?


Feel free to utilize your best visual forensic inspection to confirm/deny:

In other news…I hope they offer Cherry MX Speed (Silver) switches with their sets!



Cool. I hope they have 8 30mm and 6 24mm in stock in black. Shipping from Taiwan’s probably gonna suck…


Well hopefully Focus Attack, Paradise Arcade etc. will start carrying them.


Haven’t tried the new switches myself yet. Attached two screenshots highlighting the performance enhancements you’re getting with the new silvers. ~0.6mm shorter actuation travel then reds.

I'll stay with my reds but will def go  w/Ag's if I have need for new buttons.


Geez, you really don’t need to take such huge screenshots of an article from another site. Simply linking or just quoting the text should be enough.


When I clicked the link for this thread on my phone I thought it loaded a page from another site. LOL


HBFS G3 with Cherry Mx silver are in stock :


It’s for the reader that doesn’t click hyperlinks. Habit formed from group chats. It Looks just a few sizes larger then the forum’s font on my phone. I don’t view the forums on desktop so it must look gigantic on there lol I feel you.


Where my 24mm boys at!


LOL so they went with two SKUs for each size: snap-in and screw-ins… like everyone else. Looks like a one-button-fits-all design didn’t work out so well.
At least they learned their lesson (we hope).

What’s the deal with the clear plunger on the black buttons?

Yuck, dude. Bring back the G2 blackness!


Yeah, I’m hoping for the best with their Snap-ins, but I’d rather use the screw-ins since I got burned once by their snap-ins.


I almost lost a fingernail to their snap-ins…


Hoping there will be more colors/24mm sizes… Maybe they wanted to go with clear plungers to show off the cherries? lol


It also eats up people’s bandwidth. Which is why we discourage it.


Just ordered some, hopefully the next batch of deliveries happens soon as I heard that people had to wait a good while for the last shipment.


I got my set of screw-in buttons on Friday. I ordered them the day they went on sale. There is definitely a delay with shipping.


any impressions yet compared to previous iterations or other common buttons? i’m seeing some pictures on twitter, including the dope packaging, but no performance info. any stuck plungers or trouble fitting them into standard holes?


I previously had the rev1 gamerfinger buttons in with red switches. These new buttons were a little tight fitting into the 30mm holes. There is a little bit of a plastic bulge on either part of the lip that I don’t think existed on my previous buttons. I opted for the screw in instead of the snap in since I don’t like dealing with the snap in tabs. The nuts are slim enough to fit into a viewlix layout without any problems. It’s only been a short amount of time but I’m using it daily and I haven’t had any stuck plungers. The silver switches are nice. I do feel like I’m hitting some tougher links more frequently. 0.8mm is not a lot of difference though so it might just be placebo effect.


Have had my buttons for a few days and have had no issues with stuck plungers with the stock silver switches (Had SOME issues with Kailh BOX Whites/78g Zealios/67g spring swap Gateron Reds) Fitting into the stick screw-in wise wasnt too much of an issue but inserting them into the panel is still a bit awkward. Overall I am happy with the purchase and that muted press feels nice, similar to the R2 buttons, but that shipping was crazy. Waited 3+ weeks for the buttons to even ship…