So what if , DSO HAD great interest with street fighters...will they succeed

well like the debate of sol VS ryu , and RS cast VS SF cast …

however DSO is an organization that wants to take over the world.
DSO stands for Darkside SOciety Organizations , last time it was reign by hyo imawano’s dad , Mugen imawano .

when mugen died …
hyo and raizo left the clan and built a school instead ,
and in fact hyo got brainwashed when he was young , he’s dad switched off his emotional thinking in his mind , for some reason , i couldn’t remember it .

so 2 of them has committed treason , and i think the imawano clan was no longer take charge , a new leader take over it and re-named it into Darkside society …

their mission is to annihilate the 2 of them , INCLUDING kyosuke and batsu .

about DSO , they are like shadaloo . they got brain washing chamber , they got plenty of assasins that were well trained , in fact kirishima family usually do such dirty jobs .

the assasins has unique combat technique , they had imawano-ryu ninja training ,they got mind-control technique , illusionary …etc etc …and sharp weapons katana and claws

WHAT if 1 day , they need huge quantities of people with special talents and ability SUCH AS the SF cast to be formed into a big army of elites and take over …japan …america …THE WORLD !

( hyo failed to take over japan with brainwashing , KUROW kirishima got slashed to pieces just he just started)

basicly the organization going to send in some insurgents to faight with em’ and abduct them …

will those assasins made it to even touch those SF cast …
like ryu , oro , akuma , alex , KEN ! etc

( thanks gabzero )



kurow kirishima VS blanka
hyo VS ryu

hyo and kurow got imawano-ryu …
while kurow had his own kirishima style .

that organization is not MINE …

is some villain from Rival schools series …^^;;;
i totally agree having them in your fan-fic .
it all started with the imawano clan …

hyo’s dad , Mugen imawano was leader of the clan at that time .
and he got a younger brother , raizo imawano( is hyo imawano’s uncle …

hyo’s profile :

mugen’s profile :
Older brother of Raizo, father of Hyo and Kyosuke, and former leader of the Imawano clan until his death under unknown circumstances. Mugen considers power to be the only fundamentally valuable asset as it is the means to satisfying all desires, and believes that humans can never separate themselves from evil since it is their nature. In life Mugen possessed unequalled mastery of Imawano mind control, for which he was feared as the most deadly ninja in the world. Even after death he retained this power, and used it first to influence Hyo to carry out his domination plan and then to ressurect himself in Hyo’s body. He was ultimately foiled, but at the cost of Hyo dying with him.

well later raizo and hyo left the clan and build Justice HS , according to the profile .

continue on …
this is Darkside’s and kurow’s story …

Story: After Hyo’s betrayal of the Imawano ninja clan at the end of RS1, the clan was renamed the Darkside Society Organization. The knowledge of the clan possessed by the Imawano family put the clan at risk, hence they sent out Kurow to eliminate Hyo, Raizo, Batsu and Kyosuke, beginning the story of PJ. Kurow himself however approached his mission not with loyalty, but with his own opportunist designs to take over the schools in the process and then take over Japan for himself. To secure his power, he needed also to destroy the Darkside Society Organization. He set up the Darkside Student Congress with members (including Yurika and Momo) from all the local schools, so that he could coordinate plots to turn the students of the different schools against each other. Kurow himself almost succeeded in killing Raizo, and was causing confusion among his foes as Vatsu (his impersonation of Batsu), but he failed to realize until too late that both Hyo and Mugen had outwitted him…

anyway i had little knowledge about Darkside society and the former imawano clan , i think that’s what i know .
well not to forget that i also know their fighing styles and code of honor .

especially kurow and yurika , if they failed their mission in assasiantinf hyo and raizo , their parents get executed .

try to search info in
But becareful , the admin is useful in RS info and trivia , however , SRK hates her …>____>

DSO in the sf rpg

Wow … Thanks.

Well lets see. The SF Rpg is basicly about this dude named Ace.

He’s got blessed blood . { cliche I know, but it works.}

His blood gives him the potential to be the best fighter.
However his blood is the reason why most of his family has been killed off. Gill’s organization wants his family erased.

Ace was saved by his grandfather and that is the end of his good luck.
His whole life has sucked. He never gets the girl and growing up has given him a life of pain and anger.

Whether it’s getting beaten up by the local gang or anything else he’s always got the short end of the stick.

The only way he can clear his mind is by street fighting. It’s the only way he can forget about everything. “Nothing else matters”

SO… He’s done well so far. He took out M.Bison {boxer}

But during a fight with Balrog { claws} He unleashed his secret power, Now Gill is aware of him. Now he has more pain and suffering coming his way.

Well thats how far Blood_dancer and I have gotten.

I figured DSO can be a rival organization to Gills. After Shadowlaw falls to Guile and Chun-li, DSO grows more powerful but not strong enough to take on Gill, so they invest in Ace’s cause and “help” hin surive against the Illuminati

What do you think? Does it make sense ?

yeah i don’t know about DSO’s so called method of conquering japan .
for hyo and kurow , they try invading japan by forming an army of elite youth at the age 16 above .

rival schools , the 1st sequel is about mysterious mass abduction in japan , every teenagers got missing , soon the RS gang found out that Hyo imawano was the one behind this . The purpose is to create an army to fight justice and destroy greed . typical good guy .

about DSO ,all i know was that they want to take over japan government , such attempting assasination , or capture people and BRAINWASH them .

in fact thet SNowstorm is making a good fanfic about DSO . her fanfic is the aftermath of Rival schools 2 , when hyo died .

i suggest , you make dso involve after the death of Hyo , invest in ace ? well he would be given a test …such as destroying raizo , his nephew and his son (guess it) , and finally KILL kurow and yurika for betraying the organization . is either ace got brainwashed and fully undercontrol to play this mission . your character gotta struggle . WORSE maybe his loved ones got hostiled by them too , being their hostage , for example .

is true that DSO could rival against Gill and shadaloo .
why … they’re ninjas with psycic powers LOL .

however , you’ll get help by some RS gangs …:slight_smile:
maybe your ace dude can be even being used by that kurow .

hmmmmm… thanks.

I’ll keep you updated on my next move in the story !

about snowstorm’s latest RS fanfic …
is called the Justice Immortal

where DSO is spying the schools , especially Seijyun HS , where yurika kirishima living at … at a dormituary

Ace is copyrighted by Me, Myself, and I(A.k.a. PsychoMarky, Marxy, Blood_Dancer).

It would be better if he was forced in a hostile manner. For example, Gouki gets in the way of their attempt to brainwash him, since he’s already on Ace’s back like flies on shit. Motive: To fight, thus testing the true strength of his bloodline when mixed with the dark hadou. His grandfather is then taken captive by the DSO, and they use him by threatening their lives.

I like the idea of Gill offering to “Help” protect him against the Illuminati.

that is a great idea …

DSO would use ace as an advantage , however YOU just opened the doors for THE Rival School Cast to join in ! especially yurika , akira , batsu , zaki and hinata . at that period their having their final year in High School , getting to junior college …

however kyosuke and daigo is missing in action .

woow DSO trying to capture gouki …??
without Ace , is a 40-60 situation …even EEEER HEMM * COUGH* snowstorm says that hyo could cough or any RS characters COUUUUGH~ could defeat akuma which is bullshit .
i believe that a squad of assassins could able to attempt this abduction .

my advice would be this , DSO would try to force Ace to kill raizo and his kid . that is actually DSO’s prime subject , because raizo is defected , hyo is already killed …

and pls … don’t TALK about this fanfic to snowstorm , i believe she will force you to delete . ask Sano for more info , his CFJ fanfic was quite a success …

remember Justice HS and DSO has advance technologies too .
you can check the Justice HS section .

What I was saying was that Gouki would get in the way without even being noticed physically. I doubt those ninja assasins could even touch Gouki. Besides, Ryu isn’t vunerable to the Dark hadou, and it looks like it will stay that way.

However the case, the WHOLE Rival Schools cast wouldn’t play THAT much of a part. The Gorin High crew would be way too busy(Shoma and his bat, Natsu playing volleyball, etc…). Pacific’s involvement would be pointless. The characters you mentionned would be the only major roles.

oh yeah i got the point what you are saying …


Maybe after I read all those Dso facts on those links we can start something up in another fan fic or something?

Hate to see a good idea go to waste.

First I need a break from the /sf /rpg though.

Maybe by then we’ll have enough people wanting to join we’ll be able to do something big ! :karate:

yeah i agree …
fan fics yes , i’ll guide you …

Looking foward to it .

It’s going to kick ass !!!

What’s crackin’ so far? … where’s your avatar from ?

I don’t know. Um maybe we can start something on the Dimension story?

Hmmm… It’s DSO’s fault that the Dimension portal’s are opening up and character’s from different universes are meeting up with each other.

First Akuma travels to out world and kills Sheng Tsung

that bad huh?

Yeah I need to take a longer break.

really bad …you might as well use that idea on a DMC fanfic …

oh poo…

DMC + craziness = NUTS , devil just gone to mental hospital.