So... What is El Fuerte supposed to do in a game with delayed wake up on hard knock down?

horrible change. Slightly nerfs risk-free top tier vortex, and heavily nerfs low tier grappler vortex (fuerte/abel?).

err, context man, context. Got it? Use it! What are you talking about?

The answer is think about the mixup instead of going for autopilot…

yeah, but what change are we talking about, link? Copy and paste too much trouble?

yeah, but this means all of his mix ups are only 50% as effective as they were before…
It just makes playing him that much more complicated… his vortex is already really risky complicated character for such a low reward rate.

rumored USF4 change about an option to delay your wake up on knock down.

Delayed wakeup doesnt change anything. Actually it makes his mixup better because now we can corpse hop back and forth multiple times and really make you guess how to block. Fuerte doesnt rely on hardknock down that much.

If your entire Fuerte game is the mixup off a hard knockdown, maybe change characters, because when you run into a real player, they’re not going to have any problems dealing with you.

You should be landing the vast majority of your presses, busters, and everything else in the neutral game.

That said, I don’t think Capcom is going to resort to adding an alternate wakeup timing option. Everything else they’ve announced for Ultra so far seems to imply that they’d rather nerf vortexes than make them completely useless.

For example, Ibuki now only gets a hard knockdown off of an EX neckbreaker, so that her vortex still exists but is no longer free. If they were going to include a roll/wake up delay mechanic, that Ibuki change wouldn’t be necessary.

At the very “worst” (if you want to see it as a bad thing), they might give characters the option to do a quick getup after a hard knockdown through the use of super meter.

Nothing to worry about. at all. Given the stuff Fuerte hopefully keeps it’s not that big of a deal, and at the same time. We get that tool as well. just bait more.

if they want to delayed wake up, just run at them to shove them into the wall more.

Apparently the answer is: win 2 majors in the span of a few months

Q bomb or no Q bomb, that is the question. And the answer.

Q bomb when in doubt.