So, what is the justification that arcade sticks are better then pads?

Now I understand if the controller’s D-Pad is crap (DC, 360) but what about stuff like Saturn, PS2, and FightPads?

I’ve been thinking about grabbing a FightPad over using my Hori EX2.

Now, I’m comfy with both using a pad and stick. But sometimes I feel for KoF, I can pull of certain inputs better on a pad (Terry’s Power Geyser for example)

Sorry if this has been asked before.

Hori EX2 is a really crappy arcade stick… You would see more of a difference if you modded it or had a better one.

That said pad players can be just as good as stick players… It is really more of a preference thing(might be a bit harder for a pad player to do things such as double tap,plink and some other inputs tho).

I wouldn’t base your notion of stick off of an ex2 tho.

There was a time where the advantage was that it “[media=youtube]BmeKY5L_NMI[/media]”, but that isn’t relevant to that large chunk of people who’ve never seriously played sf on an arcade cabinet.

Which really just leaves the button layout as the main advantage, which is something you can overcome with enough practice anyway. You’ll hear a lot of “my game got so much better as soon as I got a stick”, which is just talk from people who didn’t put enough practice into learning the pad.

also hori ex2 is godlike

Pad players can be very good and it’s unlikely to hold you back if you dedicate yourself, but I’d argue that playing stick gives you both a higher window and better execution opportunities at any level. Unless you play a grappler, you’re unlikely to perform as smoothly on a pad as a stick (not impossible, but unlikely).

The Hori EX2 isn’t even an arcade stick. It’s all knock off parts in there.

But yeah, the question has been asked a ton. There is some information on it in the arcade stick sticky, and there are a few other threads floating around here if you look around.

edit: also, read this:

as somebody who has gone from saturn pad to a (full sanwa) arcade stick,
i find dashing ( forward on the left side) on stick to be really uncomfortable compared to pad but otherwise my right hand has more room and i feel like my inputs are more precise. however, plinking consistently has been terrible for me while i could plink all the time on my saturn pad. hopefully, it’s just a matter of getting used to it though.

the main reason i switched is because most tourneys are on 360 where the saturn pad doesn’t work.

Alright, I think I’ll get a FightPad, see if I like it overall and if not oh well, it’s another controller I guess.

Thanks guys, you pretty much answered my questions.

Go with whatever you prefer, however be aware that if you take the time to learn stick you will be able to take yourself further than you would with a pad. When you get very advanced a pad can begin to limit your combo options a lot, as it’s natural (and common sense) that movements are much easier using your whole hand/wrist than your thumb (joystick vs. dpad), and it’s easier to press multiple buttons at once or rapidly press buttons in a sequence with 3-4 fingers (5 if you use your thumb as well) than it is to just use your thumb, although that advantage can be somewhat negated through claw grip which I find horrifyingly uncomfortable.

Starting with either a FightPad or a SE (if you do decide to go with stick I’d recommend TE though so you won’t have to upgrade) is a great idea. The FightPad, while cheaply built, is one of the best pads for FGs I’ve used, and of course the SE and TE’s reputations precede them.

Well IMO we’re in 2010, the number of arcades in North America(well atleast in Toronto with only 2 arcades in the entire city possibly), home consoles now are not limited by the power that arcade cabs used to offer so it’s really spawning out new types of FG players on pads now. I cannot see what a D-Pad can’t do what sticks can provide in SFIV(leniency of it’s input only helps beginners while more precise/advance players feel the stick gives more accurate inputs). This said, Madcatz and Hori both have their own lineup of fighting pads that provide the standard 6 face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons(Fightpad and Fighting Commander).

So in the end, pads on the majority of FG really aren’t that different. Games like Virtua Fighter and Tekken make me think that having your right hand’s palm free does make a difference(rather than holding up the pad).

So in the end like many have mentioned already, a stick just provides:
-More freedom.
-feeling of the norm, FG to me still feel more accepted and accessible to the public.
-less hassle with “custom button” setups, try playing a fighting game with a bunch of friends that uses pads. Every turn requires someone changing their button configuration every round especially me and my friends who used to play SFII on SNES while the other group of friends have some weird ass configurations.
-more dexterity to your hands, wrist and fingers.

I’m sure there’s a sticky either in this section or the tech but this is basically how I see the whole pad and stick thing nowadays.

Yeah, so today I turned against buying a FightPad. I think I’m gonna get MvC2 stick or if they don’t have it, the TE.

stick for better execution no doubt about that!, it’s just more accurate.

I use pad and stick, once you get used to stick, you won’t want to return to pad, but i’ve sold my stick because i needed money, so i have to return to pad, but damn, i want another TE!, i think i just a matter of practice and practice, everything has a learning curve, don’t expect instant results when you start with a stick, can take about a month more or less to get used to a stick.

BTW i can’t play SSFIV with pad, it’s just so hard for me :S(i have a pad background btw)

Lol newbie thread every other question is about whether they should get a fight stick or not… But once you get used to it IMO you are a lot more accurate hitting one frame links and it is easier to plink IMO,

I already own an arcade stick. It’s not a good one, but yeah. And like I said, I’m just gonna get the MvC2 stick. I only wanted the FightPad for silly reasons that I now see are silly.

when you have to play characters like Carl
or Zappa

If you were a little kid in the early 90s those big arcades with those buttons were too big for our little hands, meanwhile put an SNES controller in our hands and we can play at least a bit legit.

then as we get older we play arcades because our hands and fingers grow and the arcade becomes pretty awesome, from the nineties what we played ST, Mortal Kombat, KOF, Virtua fighter, Rival Schools, Tekken, Alpha, Darkstalkers, and Soul Edge at the arcades so we can find stuff we couldn’t do. Yet at the same time these games came out for PSX or for those who were rich the Saturn, so we played them most of the time at home where we didn’t have to spend our allowance just to lose a game in 30 seconds.

Then came the late nineties and we have PSX and Dreamcast into the 2000s with PS2. As we became teens the arcades dwindled to nothing so our only competition was our friends and why pay for the arcade when we can play at home?

That attitude still exists today, and it makes way more sense to just play at home with our fancy arcade sticks or our pads.

Some people like the pads because they never really played at the arcades anything except for Time Crisis/house of the dead or puzzle bobble.

Most of the people going into these days have played primarily on Dreamcast, PSX, SNES, or PS2.

It’s not a matter of Controllers being for scrubs, because If I play HDR with my pad and my config I can play great, but when I play with my TE my reflexes are slower. IT’s all a matter of what people are used to.

And by pad I mean the DS3, those fight pads make no sense to my hands. This is because the only sega system I owned was dreamcast and they pretty much took that SNES layout.

I rape with an EX2. Don’t see what all the hate is about.

I have a MadKatz stick too (talk about a company that has made some serious crap), the only difference is that was broken in a week, whereas my Hori is fine after two years.

See I bought like 2 madcatz PS2 controls before and those broke in 4 months, damn you MEtal Gear

I think it depends on the game and the character. I have noticed a LOT more pad players in KoF, compared to Capcom fighters.

The difference between a pad and a stick will always be such:

Pad you have an easier time with movement simply because you’re moving just your thumb instead of your entire wrist.

Stick, you have an easier time with button inputs because you’re moving just your fingers instead of your entire wrist to constantly reposition your thumb and forefingers.

Even on a fightpad (fightpadfightpadfightpad) you’re still going to be restricted, ultimately, by the size of the buttons even with a sort of half-and-half grip. If you can FADC and plink like that in SF4 and super, then that’s fine.

Has anyone ever seen a pad player function at an average level without using macros?