So, what is the tiering of CvS2 today?

**my reason for asking is because of all we have learned over the i don’t know how many yrs, 2? things like roll cancels and different a groove combos have come up. so what is the tiering today. i know about sagat and blanka, but is cammy still considered that good. and how about these characters.



ABASI!** :cool:

Vega owns cammy sagat and blanka in my opinion speed!

Top tiers are in no paticular order

Sakura best in a
Bison also best in a
blanka c, k and n
C ken
c chun

I would say they are about the best in the game

Ken is really good in A-groove also…just keep pushing roundhouse and finish with df df p or near the end do hcf hard k (i think) and df df k

Blanka can be used in any groove

Crouching Fierce
Roll Cancel

My tiering, in no order:


High 2nd tier (very close to being top):

yeah I guess thats why BAS has won the last two cvs2 EVO’s…:confused:

Top 5


kim and yamazaki…?

where does A-Hibiki stand now a days?

Kim and yama are both really good, albeit not top five. Yamas on the edge, and Kim is strongly upper-mid i’d say.

Yamazaki’s the fucking man. you block too much, guard crush. Attack too much, counter. You gotta be on point to fight this maniac. If you do some stupid shit like jump straight up and RH with Sagat in the corner, you deserve to eat counter, lvl 3.

THE top tier is always Cammy, Sagat, Blanka, just like Storm Sentinel, Mags, and Cable are to MvC2 (although Cable is not as resourceful as top three as he used to be).

But if you were to overlook the top three, it would be a debateable issue due to a player’s skill. To say that Kim and Yamazaki are top tier is hard to believe, but again, it depends on the player.

The only top tier imo is A-Sakura. No real weaknesses. and no real character that can really counter her.

Everyone pretty much counters everyone in CVS2 so yeah. This isn’t MVC2 where everyone sucks and 7 people are useable.

Everyone sleeps on Kim and Eagle. People should start using them.


Kim is the fucking man especially with meter. his air qcf,qcb is just bad ass and he gets a fun mixup. You can jump in and not get anti aird unless they have a super that can anti air you of course, and now you got his air game on check, samething with his damn qcb,qcf k super. it’s just bad ass as an anti air aswell. He’s got good anti airs and has solid footsies.

ya i agree that blanka, cammy, and sagat will always be top tier for competition anyways. other wise you got the 2 god tier characters which is Shin-akuma and Ultimate rugal who can rape those 3 with there eyez close:eek: but good thing about CVS2 is that everyone is still very good to play with unlike MVC2:mad:

That was a general consencious until they got reminded that Sagat can still kill Sak in about 2.5 seconds if he lands his combo as well. Its about an even match imo.

I got to say that Geese is extremely underrated.

I’ve never seen any good Geeseplayers that truly masters his moves.

People that play CvS2 has always their head stuck up in huge devasting combos and damageing Level 3s, but never have they even thought about the defensive capabilities of this monster character.

CvS2 isn’t always about breaking someones guard or mainly offensive agressive gameplay.

The only Geeseplayers I’ve seen around are turtlers and don’t even kow how to counter properly.
Believe me, this guy is a beast if used correctly.
Don’t underestimate his defensive capabilities.

Rock Neither.

I agree that Geese is a beast but not Rock.

With Rock its like they couldnt decide whether he should be more like Terry or Geese so they made him alittle bit of both and really kinda fucked him up. He does have Geeses raw power or defensive capabilities or Terry’s speed and insanly good roll. Not to mention Rock’s rising tackle is even worse then Terrys.

u say that but i dought u can beat otaku’s k rock:mad:

Ummm…I really think that you should write some points to back up your statements when you’re talking about how people dont know how to use Geese. For example, how the character should be used correctly? What moves stands out for Geese when it comes to defense? How would you deal with someone who has a strong ground game such as Sakura?

I’ve always thought that Geese was best played as a rushdown type character. He deals crazy guard crush, has good combos (that Deadly Rave into Jaieken shit is too good), and has a lot of power.