So what is with the Jin hate?

Maybe its just me, but there seems to be some hate for Jin, but Im not really sure why. For one I have seen some people say he is generic and boring, where for me he seems more interesting to watch then the other people. I dont see people saying he is overpowered or something like that, just they seem to have hate for him and say they dont like to play Vs him. Also have seen a few cartoons/videos hating on him.

So does anyone know why or if you are a hater of Jin why do you?

I like him as a character, and I like his animations a lot, but the people who usually play him I don’t like. I mean there are legit players that know his BnB combos and how to use him without spamming his drive or anything, but a normal jin match goes like this.

Icecar (which i usually block), then that damn overhead that always catches me, then into a grab, then repeat. It gets so damn annoying. Even if I win the match, I don’t enjoy playing it whatsoever, so I usually tend to avoid Jins. Jins and sword spamming Nu’s. Lately it hasn’t been as bad though.

A lot of online players spam jumping ice throw and ice car, and its scrubby and annoying.

I also hate that they all use that black color.

It’s not that most people hate Jin, it’s, as Blythe said, the players. There really is no fun to fight a Jin who does the same things over and over without mixing it up.

His looks are a bit generic though. Just my opinion.

But fighting a good Jin is just as fun as fighting anyone else good.

Yeah, people hate him because he has the most easily spammable moves (Ice car, Fubuki, ect.) and scrubs don’t know how to counter-act these simple tactics. Just like how people hate Ryu and Ken in SF, because they can spam Hadoken or SRK, but it’s like, dude, block or focus attack, it’s not that hard!

He’s a shoooootooooo.

Also icecar C CCCCCCCCCC

and somehow I still get killed by that shit D: I really need some more P-mode time.

I hate that all the scrubby Jin’s are giving the people that are actually trying to learn him a bad name.

Also where is the line drawn between, being a scrubby Jin player, and being a Jin player trying to learn the character? I’m pretty sure the line is very thin at times.

pretty much this.

I hate Noel players more.

This thread is pointless. There can’t possibly be Jin hate:

Reason #2: Anyone who doesn’t use him is more than likely good enough to know how to pin him down.
Reason #3: Everyone not included in Reason 1 or 2 must be a Noel/Nu D spammer.

…unless you’re saying that Jin users hate Jin?:coffee:

Im a tager player:
But i would rather like having a competitive match than just learning how to spam B sledge better:rolleyes:

This should answer all your questions.

Think SF4 ken spammers.
Replace Ken with Jin.
Your question is answered :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty much. Everyone hates to play against an Icecart spammer. I mean you learn nothing from a loss like that, a lot of people who are just starting out don’t know how to handle it and it really makes the rest of the community look bad.

I do use Noel’s drive, but I also use her C and B as well when they are in the air. I can’t memorize all those combo’s I make up my own because print screen on a laptop is disabled…so you know how that goes.

I mean if you want to get good you put in the time, then if you face ice car, CCCCCCCCCCC, D, Ice Cart, rinse and repeat you learn nothing. you just learn that you lost to an annoying player who can’t do anything but use simple moves that my 2 year old cousin could use.

I don’t hate Jin players, I have a really good Jin player on my friendslist who I play and try to counter with, it’s really good fun.

AS a Tager player I can’t get enough of his Tager Buster, so I <3 Icecar -> overhead Jins.

I like fighting ice car spammers. I punish that shit all day with Rachel.
Only time it sucks is when it lags then for some magical reason they can block my punish after a blocked B or C ice car.

Why are people losing to icecars? Just block it(preferably instant block, which isn’t hard) then punish. Learn some damaging punish combos and icecar Jins will be nothing.

I would’ve thought it would have something to do with him being the most like a rehash GG char, being a Ky with ice instead of lightning (expect for the obvious Ragna-Sol connection).

They were the Ryu and Ken of that series and unfortunately made the transfer to BB, so in a sense they are much less likable because the rest of the cast is so cool and original compared to their simple and sometimes frustrating styles.

Personally I like Jin outside of story mode; his air juggles are rad stylish and the irritating stuff people are bringing up isn’t tough to deal with.

Man I feel like a dumb ass when I pick Jin online. Especially when I lose

Like literally 40% of the people online have to be Jin’s