So, what keyboard?

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This is NOT a thread about if keyboards are a viable alternative to sticks, but what I’m asking here is: the few players that use keyboards in fighting games - which one/ones do you prefer?

Long version:

Personally I think keyboards behave very differently between models - and it’s very easy to end up with a shitty model (be it problems with inputs or just plain crappy layout/keys).

I’ve gone through a lot of different keyboards recently trying to find one that is fit, not only for fighting games (which takes up the majority of my gaming time), but also RTS and FPS, which I still play quite often.

At the moment I’m using one of those “gaming” keyboards with features that nobody gives a shit about, a Razor Arctosa (a scaled down, cheaper variant of Razer Lycosa), except this one doesn’t come with macros nor is it illuminated, instead they supercharged the LED lights in the top right forcing me to PAINT THEM OVER with a permanent marker to dim the light somewhat.

I am not very happy with this keyboard at all - it registers well (according to keytest) but the buttons feel cheap and I dislike the feeling of pushing the buttons (which, on a keyboard, is quite vital).

On the other hand - the keyboard built into my laptop is god tier (an Acer Aspire), but since it’s connected to my external (much bigger…) monitor I’d rather not use it. Just having a go playing some casual matches with said keyboard is what made me realize how crappy my external is in the first place.

Short version:

What keyboards do you guys recommend?

Model M dude.
Heres why:

order here:

Oh and cherry keyswitch keyboards are awesome too.

I agree, the model m is amazing.

Oh god, Canto hit it right on the mark. You simply can’t get any better than an IBM Model M keyboard. Well, I take that back. The Cherry microswitch keyboards he mentioned as well are actually probably better in terms of game compatibility since I’ve heard that the Cherry keyboards have a comparatively crazy amount of keys that you can press at any given time compared to most retail keyboards.

Honestly, I don’t buy the idea that there are optimal “gaming keyboards” for games like FPSes and RTSes. There shouldn’t ever be a time in an FPS where you must press more than 3 keys at any given time and if you’ve got fast enough micro to cause a standard keyboard to suffer ghosting, you should stop playing RTSes and go enter a typing contest for money. Fighting games are definitely different though. And again, I say search for a keyboard with Cherry microswitches. They click nice, give nice tactile feedback when you press a key, and (once more, I’m not sure!) they don’t suffer from key ghosting.

SteelSeries 7G is a nice keyboard that uses cherry switches but its pretty expensive. I think you can press 10+ keys or any amount of keys at the same time with it.

Pressing more than 3 keys in an fps at once: Forward, right, jump, crouch, (reload || weapon select). Yes, you can press more than three keys at once and need all of them.

Playing FPS’s I loved my Model M (until my girlfriend threw it out because “it looked like junk” since it was in pieces at the time because I had just cleaned it…). The Enermax Aurora I use now is a good keyboard with a clean tactile feedback and I can do all the SFIV Normal trials with it. (I suck, too.) (Though not as good as an M.)

Thanks for the quick responses!

Been looking around a bit now, looking specifically for cherry switches, and I’m wondering about your opinion on the Das Keyboard. Since I live in Sweden, shipping is free which would make this (otherwise much too expensive for my taste) keyboard a bit less painful to aquire. They offer a FULL refund if you return it within 30 days if you’re not satisfied. I might just make the jump - my job involves typing a lot anyway so it wont go to waste. The SteelSeries 7G is also an option yeah, I’ve tried it first hand and it’s amazing. I can buy it for 100 bucks where I live so I’d still be cheaper than a Das for me.

I thought I’d ask you guys first :). Anyone that has experience with both?

Oh, and I agree with what you’re saying Ikagi, how ghosting is pretty much a non-issue outside fighting games (shmups maybe? I don’t play them nearly enough either way so doesn’t matter), but instead there are other things to take in consideration. For a fps game comfort is key, and for a RTS the faster it lets you type the better. I was forced to use a logitech Wave keyboard (wireless to bout!) for a while when playing Starcraft and It made me a very bitter man (but my hand didn’t hurt, woho). On that specific keyboard you had to press the keys down vertically, couldn’t push your fingers a bit to the side while typing, or they keys would get stuck, the “wave” pattern made typing, which in games such as Starcraft directly dictates how how quick you can do things, much slower, even after I got used to the layout. But damn, that keyboard was comfortable for the palm.

My apologies. I shouldn’t have tried to comment so hastily on FPS keyboard usage when I don’t play the genre hardcore enough to really pass judgment on what kind of key presses one would need in higher level play. :sweat:

You’re right about that though; thinking about it now, FPSes really do require greater than three button presses quite often. I really have to hop back on Counter Strike or maybe get off my ass and pick up Team Fortress 2 or something. I’m REALLY out of sync with the FPS world.

Sorry to say I can’t comment on either keyboard since I’ve never owned a Cherry microswitch keyboard myself. In fact, I’m typing this message with the same IBM Model M keyboard that my Dad used over 20 years ago. :rofl:

And you do bring up a good point about comfort and the ability to move your hands to press keys quickly without them being hindered. To that note, I still say the IBM Model M is a great keyboard for both categories, but once more, it pales in comparison to a Cherry microswitch keyboard with regard to the number of buttons you may press at any given time.

Also, yeah, you bring up a point; SHMUPs do require more than 3 key presses quite often. Off the top of my head, when I sometimes decide to play Ikaruga with a keyboard, I can recall moments of needing to press two directions, the Polarity Switch button, and the Fire button at the same time. I guess in that case, all games played with a PC keyboard would optimally use a keyboard that doesn’t suffer ghosting!

Any recommendations on a wave type keyboard? I’ve always had a liking for those and the one I had just up and died on me out of nowhere :frowning:

The Model M is awesome, when my mom worked at an office in the 90’s she nabbed a few of these keyboards and we still use them today.

I’ve tried using different ones thinking they’d be better, a Logitech with various useless buttons and a volume dial, then a Saitek backlit keyboard. They both sucked in comparison (the only thing they had going for them were the key presses were much more silent when compared to the Model M during late night typing)

I use a IBM keyboard that I got at a car boot sale for 50p. Basically, any PS/2 keyboard is fine.

No, not just any keyboard is fine. MANY keyboards (shitty made in china ones) do not register multiple button presses. I.E. you press T and R at the same time and only R registers. Most keyboards usually have multiple button registration on the tab, caps, shift, fn, ctrl, alt, space, etc. with one other button, but thats it.

So about that wave keyboard :smiley:

How many keys can a model M send at once?

I’m sick of setting emulators to use ctrl, alt, shift as half my buttons because my damn keyboard doesn’t send 3 keys at once except mod keys.

If model M (or that USB buckling spring unicomp one) doesn’t have this restriction, looks like it’s the best kb for both typing and gaming.

I don’t think the M has N-key rollover, so there are situations where you can press 2 or 3 buttons and block any other input. The keys you have to press to cause that can be strange ones though, so it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for gaming.

I use WASD for direction and UIOJKL for attacks on keyboard, and U+J tends to block WASD on almost every keyboard I try. Right now I’m relegated to a Razer Tarantula, which is simply not a good keyboard. But I also got it a lot cheaper than a good keyboard, so I guess I got what I paid for.

The keyboard I am looking at for gaming is the Filco Majestouch Tenkeyless with Cherry Browns.

There are a few different types of Cherry key switches. The SteelSeries 7g has Cherry Blacks. The Majestouch I want has Cherry Browns (but the FILCOS can be ordered with brown, black, and blue I believe). The Black is linear, the Brown is very light and has a tiny click when it triggers. Light and fast enough for gaming but the slight tactile response is nice for typing too.

keytronic 6101 is a very good keyboard and excellent alternative to the ibm m, plus you can get it in usb. a lot of people also like the keytronic classic/u2

IBM model M has N-key rollover. I found this info on the net… I never used a model M for gaming so I didn’t know first hand. Sources are sketchy, maybe someone can enlighten us?

Damn I would love to get this KB but its reaaaaallly expensive.,hhkbpro2&pid=pdkb400w

Those Filco keyboards look nice too. I’m liking that “Otaku” version they have lol.

Looks very minimal… I’d have to use one before shelling out that kinda $$$ for a keyboard. Model Ms are only $60 used! lol

The biggest difference would probably be the force necessary to activate. Cherry Black and Cherry Brown switches need only a light pressure to activate. I love M’s for typing, but thinking about playing a fast paced game on one doesn’t seem appealing (to me at least). Sadly, I can’t try out SF4 with an M since my M was stolen >:-<