So what the hell is wrong with the PSN version of HD Remix?

Okay so I had not used my PS3 for a while because I didn’t own an adapter that I would need to use my PS2 stick, but I did have a stick for 360 and the game, so I never really got to download the patch for Remix on PSN when it came out since I spent most of the time playing the 360 version.

I finally got an adapter and decided to play Remix on PSN. So I downloaded the same patch I downloaded for the 360 version, and the game still plays like trash in this version. Random desynchs still happen quite often, and the amount of rollbacks that occur is far more noticeable than on the 360 version? What exactly is going on? Tthe crazy thing is I don’t see anyone else discussing how capcom fucked over the PSN version of this game while making the 360 version smooth as hell with its patch.

I also want to say that apparently PSN players don’t believe in creating custom matches, because ever since it came out for PSN there has never been any lists of matches whenever I opt to look for a custom match, does everyone on PSN just play quick match or something? WTF.

I dunno, Im just about done with the PSN version of this game except for when I play people in my same exact state that have PS3’s.

Yeah the 360 version seemed to not lag as much as PSN. Depends on who you connect to though.

I see custom matches and rooms all the time…everytime I get on PSN

psn is pretty crazy, I think your internet connection has something to do with it too tho. Lately I have noticed that when you search for matches, an empty list shows up, but its not really true. There are tons custom matches going on because lots of players on my fl are in rooms, so i know its lying. Just keep refreshing or reset your ps3. Psn community is cool tho, so don’t give up.

exactly this.

backbone sucks

Backbone Entertainment is what’s wrong with it.


I can’t even play anymore… EVERY time i play, i get about 2 or 3 games in, and then the game always disconnects after the VS screen. Over and over until i reset the game. So frustrating.

Turn network smoothing off, since i did that i’ve had 0 lag and 0 disconnects. If that doesnt work, just throw your shit out the window.

The online system seems to be pretty terrible, I always have a lot of trouble just getting into matches.

hmmm… i usually dont have problems, but i go to Player Matches usually, i doubt that has anything to do with it.

@ BL Pancho

…agreed, I have trouble all the time with PSN. So slow… I have to unplug my router (which leads to four seperate things) and plug the PS3 directly into the modem if I want less lag in HD Remix. That knocks out wireless and two computers and the satellite box from have internet while I play. If you think this wouldn’t happen on LIVE maybe it’s time I get a 360. Maybe it’s just my connection though it’s supposed to be 8mbps down.


I have over 500 hours of Metal Gear Online 2.0 on my PS3 and have yet to have any issues with the PSN. The only time MGO doesn’t work is during the weekly PSN maintenance and that’s it.

HDR has MAJOR problems online with the PS3 version. Random disconnects, not finding people to play when clearly there are people online, syncing issues as well. Just not a good job by Backbone.

I stopped HD remix online because I was sick of getting Backboned.

i think that david sirlin and backbone entertaiment prefer 360 than PS3, so that’s why the 360 is much better in every sense.

I posted a thread at the david sirlin forums about these issues and i didn’t have an answer, i think he’s avoiding this kind of discussion(he’s being so unprofesional avoiding this), well that wouldn’t happened if him and backbone entertaiment would be more professional, i think the PS3 version is mediocre, and that reflects the Lack of Profesionalism of a company like backbone and the arrogant david sirlin.

I use to play other tittles online and everything works fine, Resistance, Call of Duty, MotorStorm, RE5, etc etc, so that’s why i think backbone did a very very bad work in the PS3 version.

Yeah its pretty bad, if you really want matches, hit people up in the good games thread.

Agreed, I would say 99% of the guys in the GG’s threads are cool, they have good sportmanships and often help you with your game.

It’s sad that when you need an edge on a scrub and end up losing cuz none of your reversals come out, you get a taunt hate mail saying you suck. Thanks BBE, we love you for making our lives harder. :sad: I can imagine what they’re saying now… “If you were really good, you wouldn’t be b!tchin!”

That’s total crap. The source code is the same on both platforms aside from PSN/Xbox specific stuff. Sirlin no longer works for Capcom or Backbone, so there’s nothing for him to do or say. If you have a problem, contact Capcom and show them what’s going on. Don’t just sit here and bitch and complain. Companies don’t generally play favorites like that.

I don’t have any problems with HDR whatsoever aside from occasionally running into other players with terrible connections.

The source code might be the same but Backbone ported the DC game to the 360 first and then ported that version to the PS3 from what I remember. Many companies are guilty of doing this as well (look at Bethesda with Fallout 3 on the PS3 compared to the 360) so it’s not just Backbone Entertainment who can’t code for shit.

Also the 360/XBL version got a beta test…the PSN final version almost was a beta test. :rofl:

Agree with virtua, i think zerojay didn’t know that HD Remix was mainly tested and developed for X360 and Poorly ported to PS3, when a port is bad, guess what zerojay?, the company is guilty for a bad work.

Don’t get me wrong and zerojay and don’t get mad at me just because i’m being realistic, i’m not here to fight or bitching around, please respect me, i’m not being offensive with nobody here, i’m here to express myself and make my point of views about a poor work(in this case Backbone Entertaiment).

Greetings, sorry for troubles.

Perhaps we should all demand a refund. I guess Capcom just doensn’t care about the old and new players playing HDR. They prefer the hardcore and the casual crowd of SFIV.

I’d hate for them to care and take responsiblity for screwing over their PSN customers.