So What usually Goes down the night before Evo?


This is my first evo…So what usually goes down? I remember last year it was a party at InsertCoins IIRC so anyone knows about parties,Meetups or anything that night?


Prostitu…gatherings and fun times with games!



Well, it kinda depends, If you’re over 21, you can hit the table already to recoup some of your Traveling/Room money, go to InsertCoin (not sure if ppl are going to that this year, since there’s gonna be so many ppl at Vegas this year its gonna nut to the butt deep with people), try to hook up with other EVO players to practice before hand in their room…Go to Salty Suite (if they have it set up by then) I mean there’s lots of option as long as you’re over 21, but it kinda depends on

A) are you gonna have 8am matches the next day? If so, u might wanna take it easy
B) Do you wanna take it easy or go buck wild?

If you’re under 21…You’re kinda stuck since you can’t drink and gamble…I suggest you go to Salty Suite for MM or play with other ppl in the rooms…Good luck at EVO Andre :slight_smile:


Gemini arcade will likely have practice sessions and that will give those under 21 to do something. Typically I don’t think the locals do anything else since the early schedule kinda ruins any potential to party the night prior. Probably best to do all the partying Saturday night unless you top 8.


Yea im like 19 soo im kinda fucked on most of shit to do already lol


Yeeeeeeh not really anything to do. You have Gemini Arcade for practice and movie theaters, show up on the 4th and we shoot rockets at the sky…that’s about it. Vegas is not kind to the under 21 sadly. well unless you head for 18+ entertainment world…then we got that shit handled.


hmm im liking that 18+ ENT world lmao


all ‘full nude’ are 18+ except Palomino, there’s erotic/artistic type shows like Zoomanity that are more tasteful, and then there’s a few key shops like Deja Vu. That’s pretty much all the ‘vegas’ type entertainment we offer to under 21 since gamewerks went under.

oh wait…we have a small theme park called Adventure dome at Circus Circus. Not a bad visit actually and it’s on the strip


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Insert Coins was fun last year, but I was just there on a visit about a month ago and they didn’t even have AE cab anymore -.-


Welp. Floe Pre-show on tuesday! that should be a lot of fun!