So, what was actually wrong with SF: The Movie, Home version?

Other than being based off the movie, and the MK esque digitized graphics?

As far as I remember, the home version played like Super Turbo, but also was the first game with EX moves. I think FeiLong and Hawk wasnt in it, but they had Sawada, and Akuma had supers. It should be noted that Capcom Japan programmed the home version game as well. That was stated by the guy on here (SRK) that helped with the aracde version.

So was there some super silly broken shit? Or was it solid, but had too much stigma attached from the movie?

graphics. Other than that I have tested and is basicallt ST with digitized graphics on Slow speed.

I popped in the PSX version yesterday, that game plays nothing like ST. It is far from solid. I don’t know how much was broken about it, but it had absolutely terrible gameplay.

The game is amazing.

First Street Fighter to have EX moves.

Amazing music too.

I’m trying to go quite deep on this game at the moment. It’s too much fun.

Check out the tournament i held a month ago:

Blanka builds meter for dashing!

As he does in SSF2T.

How the fuck did I never notice that!

I actually liked the arcade version better. It had more options and features than the console version. It was way cooler.

Did this game get any recognition in Japan? just asking.

I’ve got a soft spot for this game. Basically, you HAVE to play it when you’re buzzed to really enjoy it. Yes, the game is crazy, but everyone’s got broken shit (hello low AND high Tiger Shots, double-fireballs), and the absolute ZANINESS that is Sawada.

Ah, Sawada. I forget the actor’s name, but, I remember reading when he tried out for the part of Ryu which was already cast, the producers was so impressed with his martial art ability, they created Sawada.

If I recall correctly from that other thread, the Actor’s name was actually Sawada.


Wow yeah the music really is amazing. This isn’t even close to being the same game though. Also can it be sped up? That seemed painfully slow to me.

I love Guile, Zangief, and Vega music in this game. Classic 90’s Capcom. It actually sounds like COTA, or MSH music.

Pick Akuma, use short Tatsu, win cake.

If you’ve got the time to search for it, a few years ago on of the developpers on that game made a thread on here and answered everyone’s questions about it. It’s a really great read.

Yeah but anoon’s thread is all about the arcade version. The Home version was made by Capcom and its a different game entirely.

Oh my bad then. Still a good read :sweat:.