So...what was your funniest moment in comics?


Harley was always good for a laugh… (not new, Sano, so don’t freak)

Link is of Deadpool’s shoryuken. I think I’d have to go with issue #27 of Deadpool when he picks a fight with Wolverine and rants about the SNIKT sound effect and when Wolvie finally gets his claws out, he starts singing and dancing.


Freak man beat me to it. :looney:

Shout out to Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 2 issues ago. A cop had a bunch of guns in the back of his truck and popped it open to arrest Spider-Man. Spidey webbed down beside him and sang,

“What you gon’ do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?”

I laughed out loud! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I posted this up before in the cover thread, but Hobgoblin telling you to steal the comic in the corner always cracks me up! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Gentle reminder… no scans of recent stuff. No scans of anything is a hell of a lot easier and less headaches for me, work those fingers. But, if you have to do it at least put up a scan of something that’s not recent, a few years old is fine.


I’ve always loved the way Frank Miller writes Alfred.


Alfred: “Your accountants wait in the west wing, sir.”

Batman: “Tell them I’m sick.”

Alfred: “Shan’t have to lie. That refugee charity called…”

Batman: “Write them a check.”

Alfred: “And the Committee For the Prevention Of Obsessive Behavior In Middle-Aged Men?”

Batman: “Write them a check.”

(Year One)

Alfred: “Master Bruce–I’ve just come across a fascinating piece in the times. Concerns the effects of lack of sleep among the marginally sane… ‘marked increase in paranoia’… hmm… ‘tendency toward aberrant, even violent behavior’…”


Well Harley and Ivy do fuck, but that was funny.

All of Scott Pilgrim is pretty damn funny. Especially…


Scott Pilgrim two had the “Bread makes you fat?!” panel.

Three had the Envy/Wallace/Ramona exchange during the Ramona/Envy fight. “Break her ol’ horsey face!” ramona hits Envy in the body “NO FACE, FACE!”


I remember one time Guy Gardner Green Lantern was talking a lot of smack to Batman and Batman knocked him out cold with ONE PUNCH TO THE FACE. :lol:


Legion of the Loser comic issue of Spiderman


For the Deadpool fans, there was an older issue of him and Blind Al going back in time to reenact an issue of Spider-Man. 'Pool posed as Peter Parker and Al as Aunt May. It’s hilarious, drawn in “ye olde” style with funny comments at everyone in the past. It’s pretty recognizable by the cover, a parody of Amazing Fantasy #15


…oh, HELL naw! :rofl:


Agree with all, DP Shoryuken had me bursting out.

Funniest thing…hmm. I guess it would be DP’s first mission for the Registration, where he went to tackle the Great Lakes Avengers, who were already registered and took him down lol. Also when he though Cap. America and the other’s real identities were the fake one’s.

I can’t find his name, but their was this Spidey villain in a rainbow costume and when Spidey spotted him couldn’t stop laughing. Classic.


who the hell was writing that issue…thats bad…bad even for spider-man.


The entire Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Special.

Lol @ Penance & Squirrel Girl’s conversation.


Peter David man greatest writer EVER! Incredible Hulk 90’s, Spider-Man 2099, Hulk The End - Greatest The End book EVA! Read it! :tup:

Yeah man don’t judge a guy on one joke in a comic that on the regular has up to 10. :rofl:


Yeah, a lot of that Giffen/DeMatteis JL/JLI stuff is comedy gold. They really had a great thing going there. Formerly Known As the Justice League is funny, too.

One of my favorite humor comics is Sam & Max. It’s like almost every panel has some kind of joke in it. It’s something I can reread over and over and still I find it funny. I might try to find some scans of it later. (I believe the comics have been out of print for years.)

Otherwise, the first thing I thought of was a highlight issue of Morrison’s Doom Patrol. Issue 45. I did a google search and I found this, because I don’t have a scanner myself.

The first couple pages alone are pure gold. Love that faux-hardboiled narration!

“David Sanchez was a know-it-all punk in a paisley shirt. His talent? Leaving fingerprints on mint-to-near-mint comic books and then just laughing about it. His first big mistake? A smug little goatee. His second big mistake? Mouthing off about how Ron McMurray, award-winning writer/artist on ‘The Glo Worm’ didn’t understand the elementary rules of grammar. . . I think of that punk’s sick legacy, a whole subculture of good kids, afraid to buy their favorite comic books… Because of his smartass criticism and his know-everything sneering beard. Well. Not so clever now. Are you? Punk.”

The whole issue is packed with pure goodness.


My personal favorite.

I remember that. Gardner was talking smack for the entire issue, about how he should lead the JLA. By then end of the comic, Batman gives him a shot (or he just takes one). The best part was, he took his ring off to make the fight “fair”, and got knocked out like a punk. See it here. I also love the rest of the JLA’s reaction.

I a few of the subsequent issues, you can actually still see Gardner lying there in the background.


Well I got too many to say but it’s all in Peter David’s current run on X-factor so much comedy in that book.:clap::pray:


I loved the Great Lakes X-Mas Special, where they introduced Grasshopper 2, as the first grasshopper’s unknown twin brother who found the armor and took it, his brother’s life and love interest. Only to die because he accidently jumped into space.

And Deadpool only lost because Squirrel Girl was there.

Nextwave and Irredeamable Ant-Man as a whole is some of the funniest mainstream comic works ever. Baby MODAK alone cemented NEXTWAVE in legendary status and Ant-Man is like the combine avatar of SRK’s GD but without any real positive aspects.


Okie dokie…

Civil war (marvel): Spider-man kicking Reed Richard in the neck. (spectacular)

Dr. Doom breaking the fourth wall. “How do you talk in all capital letters?” “Silence Minon.”

Venom singing “strangers in the night”.