So What Would You Guys Do In This Situation?

Alright, Ill try to keep this as simple as possible. Last summer I got an internship and I meet this guy that went to the same school as me. We became good work buddies and shit and we traded movies and shit like that. I still keep in touch with him, even though hes back in school and Im working somewhere else right now. His name is Chris by the way.

Long story short, a couple of weeks ago I went to my buddy Kyles house watching UFC, when I saw a new girl at his house. Apparently she was with him, even though she looked very familiar. Next day my buddy Kyle calls me up and says the girl recognized me and started asking me questions about her now ex-boyfriend Chris. Now Kyle loves to put any girl he meets on a pedestal, regardless of how bad she might be for him in the long run.
Couple of days later, Kyle calls me up again and tells me not to say anything about him or her to Chris. And the reason is hilarious. Apparently she told him that shes still friends with Chris and if its ok with him if she still hangs out with him. Chris doesnt know about Kyle.
Now I dont like drama or anything, but I feel like a complete dick. I just meet up with Chris and talked to him for like an hour today and talked about work and school, but didnt bring up his girl.

What would you guys do in this situation? Should I say something to Chris, or just keep my mouth shut?
I feel that this is going to come back and bite me somehow in the long run

AND NO I do not have any pictures of this girl yet. I’m working on it though:smokin:

It’s not your business, so you should leave it alone.

to me it depends on who you’re better friends with. that said, i’d probably ask your boy chris what’s up with his ex (is he still tearing it down?) bcuz imo he probably is and that’s why the girl doesn’t want him to know about her new man.

I gotta agree with Sep on this one, don’t get yourself involved at all.

I must say though, I think it’s foul of her to still see her ex-BF while she’s seeing someone new. But if Kyle is stupid enough to allow that to happen, then he deserves what’s coming to him. By letting her do that, he’s already given up his share of power in the relationship and showing just how thirsty he truly is.

Letting your GF hang out with the guy who used to fuck her in the mouth?

What part of the game is that?


Because by not doing anything you are choosing a side.

I have lived this situation, and I kept my mouth shut. This happened about 15 years ago, and the guy I did not tell is still a very good friend of mine. I still feel like dog shit every time I think about it, the guilt has been at me for years. Maybe I could have saved him a lot of heartache and pain, not to mention money.

The guy and girl who want you to stfu are the kind of people you need to avoid in life.

Well on the one hand I’ve known Kyle longer, but that shouldn’t matter. This is a matter of right or wrong.

I’m leaning on telling the guy, but I don’t even know if I should bother. Either way I’m fucking somebody over.

Stay out of it and keep the mouth shut, not really your business, no reason for you to get involved and you dislike drama anyways.

The way I see it, you have nothing to gain but everything to lose if you get involved. Let them sort it out themselves.

Wow @ all the people saying do nothing. I sure as fuck don’t want them as friends. If you keep this a secret it will come back to bite you in the ass hard (and they WILL find out and your friend will know you kept this from him).

I say you do the right thing and rape that bitch for her trangressions. That’s what japanese comics have taught me.

You are right. The problem with the “stay out of it” theory is that you are already in it. One of your two friends is going to think you are a dick when this all shakes out.

You only need to decide which one will it be.

I wouldn’t worry about, there are bigger things to worry about. I just watched some show where they documented a guy surviving a bear attack. The bear bit his skull so hard his eyes popped out of the skull. He survived and now he has glass eyes and a deformed head. He’s happy he’s alive. In another words, your friend still has a naturally shaped skull and his real eyes. He’ll get over it. He needs to be more observant of his relationships. Not your role to play inspector gadget for him. Or you could just be, tell him what you think about the girl. She’s scandolous. You don’t have to go into alot of detail.

Since both of your friends are fucking her, why don’t you? Seems only fair.

Hell, how about triple stuffing her? If nothing else, that’ll be a great way to softly break the news to Chris. Win win, everyone’s happy.

Tell the girl, cut that shit off or he’s gonna find out
Neither friend knows!

…and people are still replying to you seriously??? :nono:

hmmmm… :bluu:

well if you want to make it easier on yourself, if you didn’t know about this and just knew that kyle was dating some broad, would you let chris know about it? if the answer is yes, then you should go about like usual and tell him the broad’s name and let him put the pieces together himself. the kyle dude is a bitch for putting you in the situation in the first place though.

I like this guy.

You could be like look bitch… if you give me head i won’t tell. If you don’t… i might slip up and say something… It’s a win/win for you :stuck_out_tongue: You get head… and you still tell your best friend what is going down. And that the ho was making the moves on you.

no mo clowns

Really now, why didn’t you just close the thread if you were gonna end it with your post?

This. This and make it fucking clear that you are the babysitter of whatever dumb hooker they decide to date. Also explain to kyle that the chick is still fucking Chris and he it would save him a lot of drama if he just bought a fleshlight instead.

girls are lying cunts. the only reason i wouldnt tell chris is because your other buddy asked you not to

Tell Kyle he’s an idiot for being the other guy and that he’s an asshole for putting you in this position. Don’t tell Chris because you told Kyle you wouldn’t and Sep is right- that part of this drama isn’t your business.

so true… so many ppl take their real eyes for granted.