So, whatcha pullin'?

besides your dick, I mean.

my current Pull list is as follows:

52 (For another 6 weeks at least)
All Star Superman
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive
Green Lantern Corps
Brave and the Bold

and I have special instructions to pull all the WWIII issues.

if I can find a better job in the next few weeks, I’m also gonna add Countdown to my pulls.

too much

Need to get back into this shit, but I still have a ton of backissues I still need to read. If I was, I’d pull SFII, Blade of the Immortal, The Goon, maybe Spawn, and some other shit. I have no idea what Marvel and DC have been up to for about a year now.

Justice League of America
Teen Titans
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive
52 (soon switching to Countdown… maybe)
Buffy: Season 8 (for my wife… but I read it, too)
Street Fighter II

Not sure yet if I’m picking up all 4 WWIII titles.

If I don’t like any particular title, from WWIII, I’ll just have it put back…my shop is very lenient in that regard.

but I love the artwork of Mary Marvel being seduced by Eclipso…it’s sexy as hell.

Chair: What made you stick with Flash?, I heard a lot of people dropped it, just curious why you decided to stick it out?

Personally, I’m a fan of Bart Allen, and am hoping eventually some writer will put a flicker of Impulse back into the character, and that’s why I kept the book in my pulls.

Off the top of my head:


Amazing Spider-Man
Sensational Spider-Man
Friendly Spider-Man
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
Uncanny X-Men
Wolverine Origins
New Avengers
Mighty Avengers
Ms. Marvel
Spider-Man Family


Detective Comics
All Star Superman
All Star Batman
Justice League
Teen Titans
Teen Titans Go!
Ninja Scroll


Street Fighter comics
Street Fighter manga when it starts up
Avril Lavigne comic
SNK vs. Capcom Chaos comic
Devil May Cry 3
Berserk manga
Death Note manga
Shonen Jump
Buffy Season 8
Kingdom Hearts manga
Spawn in TPBs

Prolly a bunch of other stuff I forgot to list…

The only Marvel Book I’ve given serious thought into reading is Power Pack.

I used to read Teen Titans, but I dropped it when they introduced Mia (Because I hate Judd Winick and his social Agenda), and now that Robin’s got a new costume, and Bart and Conner are gone, there’s no chance I’ll pick it back up.


Amazing Spider-Man - will probably stop after Straczynski’s last arc
Captain America- will probably stop after this death of captain america arc
New Avengers
Mighty Avengers
Astonishing X-men
Onslaught Reborn - yes I know… it sucks.
Ultimate Power
Squadron Supreme


Justice League of America
Y the Last Man - Trades only


Street Fighter
Buffy Season 8

Well, I dropped it for a bit after the first few issues of OYL because of the TV show writers. I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t really find a reason to keep it on my list. After Guggenheim took over, I picked up his first two issues and saw a slight improvement, so with faith in his character, I put him back on. To be honest, I just really love Bart Allen, in any costume (no homo). I really got into his character at the beginning of the most recent Teen Titans series, especially after he read every book in the San Fransisco library and became a badass. I think this series has nowhere else to go but up, and with Tony Daniel becoming the new regular artist (previously on TT, loved his work there, too), I figure I could really take a chance on it.

DC -

JSA Classified
JLA Classified
Superman Confidential
Batman Confidential
All Star Superman
Detective Comics
Teen Titans
The Flash
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Action Comics
Wonder Woman
The Spirit
Trials of Shazam
Shazam - The Monster Society of Evil

Marvel -

Amazing Spiderman
New Avengers
The Mighty Avengers
Astonishing Xmen
Ultimate Xmen
Ultimate Fantastic Four
Ultimate Spidey
The Ultimates
Ultimate Power
Ghost Rider - Trail of Tears(?)
Uncanny Xmen
Captain America
Immortal Iron Fist

Icon -

Criminal(when it returns)

Vertigo -

Y The Last Man

Manga -

Blade of the Immortal(Which I REALLY need to catch up with)

Cool, and glad to hear it.

I dunno if it’d be your thing, but Bart has had a long career before becoming the Flash, and I absolutely LOVE Impulse (no homo), it’s a fun book…actually, my favorite one-shot comic is Impulse #20, there’s no superheroics, no supervillains, it’s just a one-shot story about baseball.

Young Justice is also a great book, you should definitely check it out.


  • New Avengers
  • Mighty Avengers
  • Daredevil
  • Punisher MAX
  • Astonishing X-men
  • Captain America
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Powers
  • Squadron Supreme


  • Ex Machina
  • Y-The Last Man
  • 100 Bullets
  • Wetworks
  • All-Star Superman
  • Loveless
  • Hellblazer
  • Jonah Hex
  • Deathblow
  • Midnighter


  • Invincible

I’ll bite…

Superman/Batman…my favorite tag team.
Supergirl…I think this incarnation is interesting.
Green Lantern…is fire.
Green Lantern Corps…is fire also.
Teen Titans…for some reason I am not liking this whole Titans East shit. Someone kick Deathstroke’s ass already.
Ion…I’m a Kyle Rayner fan, and I don’t think this or any GL book is getting proper praise.
Brave and The Bold…George Perez.
Soon…Sinestro Corps.

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman…IMO the funniest of the Spiderman books. We’ll see how this whole black suit thing works for this.
X23 mini series…she’s hawt.

Street Fighter

Neither I have gotten since Feb.

I am REALLY loving the art on B&B, but I ain’t a Hal Fan…

I asked my local shop owner to hold me backissues of JLA and JSA, because I wanna check it out, and if I like it, I’m gonna add 'em.