So... whatever happened to Tekken VS Street Fighter?


Did all the backlash from SF X Tekken cause Namco to throw in the towel? I remember there was some sort of poll by Namco on facebook that allowed you to vote for who you wanted in the game back in the day, but it seems all news about this game just died.



They were working on TTT2 and focused purely on that and only recently started development of txsf.


I don’t think it’s been stopped altogether. Like rayplay said, TTT2 had more focus and attention. They couldn’t have been developing two big games at one time. That’s way too burdening. I’m sure development will start again soon enough. That article does scare me though, because I was really looking forward for this version.



Harada decided that Q wont be in the game and then it lost all the support it had.


So is that site like, The Onion for videogames?


no it’s all true


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I’m hoping that you’re just joking, because it’s obviously a joke site…



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This game should look phenomonal on a next gen console. I still don’t get how they’ll make SF characters fit in with Tekken’s complex fighting engine, but I guess that’s why I’m not a game developer.


My Uncle works at Namco, TxSF is becoming a pachinko cell phone game


Some characters are certainly going to be more of a natural fit than others I think. (Gen, Ibuki, Balrog, Alex, Eagle, Dudley, Rolento, Fei, Sodom) other characters will be pretty easy except for maybe one (possibly non-critical) aspect of their gameplan. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle Cody’s knife and Badstone but other than that he is a natural fit. Zangief wont have a problem other than the fact his lariat covers a full 360 degrees around him and that would be pretty OP in a tekken game. Not sure how they’ll handle Honda’s headbutts in 3D space but I imagine it wont be too hard. Makoto will be a really easy fit but I dunno how they are going to handle making her difference in speed between dashing/walking noticable in a game where generally you are up close (maybe her side steps are super good? no idea.)

The ones I think will be the hardest are characters whose entire gameplan revolves around either fireballs (Shotos/Gouken/Rose/Sagat/ect) or being airborne A LOT e.g. wall jumps/dive kicks (Guy/Adon/Rufus/Maki/Yun/Cammy/ect.) or characters that rely on running/dashing/charging attacks I think shouldn’t be TOO hard but it also depends on the character and how they utilize those things (Blanka/Maki/Guy/El Fuerte/R. Mika/Honda)

Of course I think the only character that flat out can’t/wont work in the Tekken gameplay style is Dhalsim. Necro MIGHT work since he is meant to fight more up close. But Dhalsim with teleports, stretchy limbs, fireballs, ect who wants to play the entire game from the opposite side of the stage as much as possible I can’t imagine them putting him in the game. And if they do he’ll either be awful and gimmicky, or he’ll be absolutely broken. Either way he’ll likely be very very frustrating to fight with or against.



Meh, it’ll be too late by then. By that time, people will be more interested in Mike Z’s Sandwich X Wiz’s McRib.


Actually, Tekken has plenty of tracking moves you can’t sidestep, and you’re almost never behind your opponent in Tekken - so really there’s nothing broken about lariat. And making it duckable means if you whiff lariat you’re gonna get launched into a combo every time.


I still recall Harada saying he didn’t want SF with Tekken characters nor Tekken with SF characters, but something new. Fate UC came to mind.


Harada will misread Seth’s old Dom 101 article and end up making Vitual On with Street Fighter and Tekken characters.