So what's going on guys?


Can someone explain all this to me?

This is all I have to go by so gonna need some explanation.

inb4 ban


I’m gonna miss your ass, 'palm

(no cisgenhomo)






Could you guys clarify what happened? All the jokes about tyranny aside. Better to have both halves of a story, yeah?


Crooked mods…smh. lmao. You guys think you NYPD? Ol fake Malik yoba lookin ass mods.


They’re gonna back trace you and report you to the cyber police, my man.


I know it can be a hassle trying to communicate with hax so I am guessing there was some sort of translation error lol.


I legitimately think that was the issue. Like, if you’re not following HAX, you’re really not following.

HAX is one to make fun of anyone that would try to be imposing or threatening.


And to be clear, this isn’t some us vs them, fuck the po-lice thing. We want to understand the decision.

  1. Nobody is getting banned for this.
  2. If people keep making it an issue to handle a somewhat sensitive situation by putting all in public, we are going to have a hilariously serious conversation about why this is a terrible idea.
  3. I was not privy to Preppy’s decision until i saw it this morning.

What did happen is that HAX wants a situation handled one way and ONLY one fucking way. The problem is that at the moment I am not able to communicate with any of the people he talked to us about. So instead of being patient until I can sort things behind the scenes, the best way to handle shit seems to be to make my day as tedious as fucking possible for no good reason.

Soon as I can get a line of communication with Preppy I’ll sort some of the issues brought up. Right now he is doing things other than baby sitting. You bunch of fucking idiots would rather make a spectacle out of things as opposed to just PM privately. As is any issue that gets brought up to me gets dealt with properly. Continuing to do this will only lead me to believe that certain members of this subforum will only be happy if the one mod that is here to sort these things out does so by just banning people without rhyme or reason.

If something is going on, PM me. There’s a nice rule about dragging out drama and by all means all of this breaks it. Nobody is getting banned because the situation is awkward and people are more or less being inadvertently conscripted into making it even more awkward.

Any questions about anything can be directed at me via PM. Do not make GD a spectacle or else I’ll make a spectacle out of you.


I’ve been at PAX for the past 72 hours. I have no idea what the fuck has been going on in people’s personal lives. Evidently somehow HAX thought I was part of or understood something that I knew nothing about. As a result he accused me of trying to help murder people.

Sorry, not OK.

Any single person who wants to be added to the oblique ass shit HAX sent me in PM and then got angry about in the forum can be added to the PM conversation. PM me if it matters to you. Sorry man, I have been doing other things and don’t understand HAX’s cryptic ramblings. Given that he was crystal clear in accusing me of helping murder people, it’s an act and getting in his own way.

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