So... whats good with EC vs WC 5on5 MVC3?

People keep talking so what are we doing.

I vote team 3 :rock:

And in today’s news there were reports of a curly haired man spreading forest fires across the united states.

Why bother? We all know that this is going to be East Coast destroying the crap out of West Coast until they gotta play Justin, and then it’ll all go downhill. Really, who on the East Coast would be able to stop Justin. As much as I like a lot of East Coast guys in the game, there’s not much of a chance of beating Justin. I guess EC can win if Justin is on one of his “off” days…

How would any of the players on the EC even be selected? The player pool is pretty huge.

I wanna see a Yipes vs JWong, salty runback. lol

Shots fired. All nearby units please respond.

I call Beast Coast team
TS Nerd Josh,Yipes,Sanford,ChrisG,MarlinPie IMO best bet to take that 5v5.

I don’t know what Sanford has proved in Mvc3. Everyone else looks good IMO.

This is they type of attitude that keeps people from beating Justin. Its all about confidence. A lot of people can beat Justin, he’s not invincible.

5 v 5 East vs West son.

Even though Sanford hasn’t proved himself yet, I think its inevitable that hes gonna be great.


Justin is an amazing player but… come on, son… what’s the point of having tournaments with that attitude? Try to tell that to Gamerbee. Plus, with this being the first year of Mahvel 3, there is going to be so many crazy shenanigans and hidden technologies that people will be deploying…

If anything, I hope Justin brings his skills and not have “an off day”. Would be a disservice to himself and his opponents.

Also, fuck yeah! LET’S GO EC X WC.

Sanford is stepping up his game hard. Honestly I’m not defending him but his current skill is improving like crazy.I mean look at what he did to Rogue Yoshi recently. He’s coming back in a big way, But if you see anyone else to fit the team then by all means state a name and we can debate if he, or she is good enough to make the cut.

Also Justin won’t be slacking in this 5v5 IMHO. Why? The man doesn’t want to look bad in front of his former team. He’ll play at his best just for that reason, plus it’s evo he doesn’t want to get drunk again, and cry that he was a pot monster again now does he?

Josh Wong for EC team imo

Also I strongly agree with this event being at Evo.

Let me play apart of EC since MW is ass…ill play whoever from EC for that 5th spot

I agree with josh being on the team.

josh,chrisg,josh,yipes I think are deff then maybe matrix/marlin

I think it’s a toss up even if justin wasn’t on the team.

Ok first off imma say this right now. This 5 on 5 shit is not gonna be a popularity contest like it was for MVC2. Me and Jago went to the west coast for 2 weeks and placed Top 4 at WNF and have experience playing them. There should be a tourney for the spots.

I agree and good shit on getting top 4 at WFN. I believe tourney will be the best solution for the spots that way no one feels like they have been alienated out of a spot. I suggest all the top tournaments that are happening need to feature 5 vs 5 spots. Example: Tournaments coming up on the west coast like (Revelations) needs to feature a spot. Tournaments coming up on the East coast like (East Coast Throwdown 3) need to feature a spot. This can be organized so everyone can get there justice and if all else fails, money match for the spot.

Nelson even if we did this tournament for the spots would it really matter? Lets say we do this by research ,and reason. Two spots would already be filled quickly. Who are they? NerdJosh, and Chris G. We all know these two belong in the team. they’ve proven it. they deserve this. Now lets check the next 3 spots for the team. I’m gonna place people in a list ,and people can name whatever they can that makes ,or break them for the team.

**Nelson, Jago,Yipes, Sanford, Megetsu, Josh wong, Marlin Pie, Huggy Bear, Smooth viper ,Rey Rey
Anyone else I’m missing that are insanely strong players in the EC for this game? I’m not adding Noel to the list because we know the situation about him ,and Justin. Not trying to shit on you Noel but that’s how it is. From what I know these are some of the best I can come up with at the moment. YES their NYC/NJ natives but these are the names that ring bells for the scene at the moment.
Take your pick , and see who else would fit into that team. I myself would like to add the following to your statement Nelson.
Even tho both of you went to WC to try , and win WNF it wasn’t much. Tatsu did work. That’s all.
As to your second comment about making it a tournament. I’d agree but it would have to be for the last 3 places due to the fact that two players already have two solid spots on the team. Josh has proven to Chris G, But as well Chris can beat Josh and beat Marn Free. That is enough for both of them to have those spots. For the rest, ya can battle it out for the last 3.

5v5 east vs. west would be a nice event to see again.

Maybe a 5v5 with multiple teams just like back in EVO 2009 for SF4?

I believe majority of EC players are coming to CEO so why dont we just battle it out there?