So what's so special about the Mona Lisa?

I’m not an art guy at all and I’m not hating it at all. I just don’t see why it’s suppose to be the greatest painting of all. Explain.

Did the answer to your post on Yahoo Answers not quell your inquiry?


No, no it didn’t.

Edit: Oh you got to a good one. I got to this one at first.

art is valued not by the piece but by the artist. the mona lisa isn’t the greatest painting, but da vinci was (arguably) the greatest artist/inventor/mind.

damien hirst could sell a dead shark for $8m, is it the greatest shark of all time? probably not, but it’s damien hirst’s shark.

whoa, almost let the cat out of the bag there :rofl:

are you serious? :confused:

yeah :confused:

It stares at you as you move around the room O_O

art is a reflection of life, and life is something you will be learning about till your dead

and art, just like life, is sometimes a bunch of horseshit.


I thought seeing art like the Mona Lisa in person would make me a more cultured person, but at the end of the day I am still a mexican that would fuck anything that moves. Sadness.

Fixed for Guy reference =D

this trick of “her eyes follow you around the room” is nothing new, and is present in a SHITLOAD of artwork throughout history. an art teacher once told me the mona lisa is the most famous painting of all time because its use of light and shadow, and the fact that it was essentially painted by the most important man (arguably) ever. it’s like a rolex watch, the status of the item is valued more than the quality of the item itself.

correct me if im wrong, im not an art history major aka flipping burgers at mcdonalds with $20k debt.

Art is like rap. Have a famous bitch draw some wack ass shit, and voila, a masterpiece.

Nah idk, I’m just saying…

Dude, there is like 1000 better places to find the answer to your question then SRK. Seriously. There are multiple reasons, and they can get complicated. But, it was essentially ground breaking in many ways. So, yeah, it might not look like much now, but it was first for many reasons.

most women that look like mona lisa hang around with very very fine looking women

so If she sees you and smiles she will tell her fine friends about you

that’s why they flock to her

so find that mona lisa

There is nothing special about it aside from everyone talking about it and the guy who painted it is one of the most famous artists ever.

Art is completely subjective and some very popular well known art is very unimpressive.

This is my favorite painting.

It’s huge, full of color, and is one of the only paintings I’ve seen in person that made me say “Holy Shit”

Want to know what is another disappointing painting? Van Gogh’s sunflowers. It’s tiny, faded, and boring.

You just like it because it is a naked dude fucking an eagle. God, you are so gay.


Well duh, plus it represents all the best parts of America.

Eagles, naked men, and bondage?