So what's the best place for GGXX#R in America?


Is it CTF or FFA or elsewhere?

Just tryin to find out so I can go and play hardcore, I live way out but if I knew where the shit was goin down Id be getting into this shit.

Houston & Nevada

Houston: players that come to mind are Shin Kensou(Chipp)/ Genius (Dizzy)/ Azianhitler(Johnny)/ Marn(Eddie)/ Robot(Sol)/ Vigourus(sp?)(Millia)/ AlexPerales (pad-Slayer) sorry if im forgetting other people, i just woke up and cant think.


don’t forget:

SoCal (ID,CB,Render and all his thousand oaks buddies)

Davis (dur. sorry still learning ur names)

Reno (Kugler, buncha people I don’t remember)

Chicago (Elvenshadow, JuicyG, Ukyo Tachibana, chronosabre, Lots more its a huge scene)

Cbus Ohio (me, Kbnova, seriousface, SH_, Kevin, Skuldnoshinpu)


NY/NJ/Philly (…masterchibiisaclown, oh yeah MarlinPie)

MD (Destin, RandomJam, buncah other fegts)

FL (Flash… Heidren)



Vegas (Ruin, Xenotiger…thats it?)

Which of these places are the BEST?

I’d say both scene/player wise:

4.The little crews like Ohio/Reno/etc.

best player in the nation? there is none.

shameless plug:

I like it here in MD/DC/VA. Plenty enough competition for me (although I just started).

you forgot colorado with King LowTier and ummmmm I think thats it

For the first comment-We don’t remember you too. For the 2nd, LonelyFighter, Cue, Jammarvelous, Simon Yoo and Klaige since I heard he was adopted by Nebraska.


Sirlin’s house. Fool has plasma.

Seattle plays #R too.:sad:


Just kidding, ziggypoo.

Nevada = new #R hotspot! Thanks for the mention, j1n

anyone know if Pennsylvania has anything?

Norfolk, Va. Specifically my place.

Is that around ODU? I know of a few guys who live in a dorm there who play GG, EFZ, and gundam all day. You should check 'em out, if you haven’t already. At least one of them is Japanese and from what I heard he had an evil May. Last I heard he plays Pot now and was working on his Sol.

Dallas has some pretty good comp in that game. The Chief comes to mind, but there are others.

HamsterJohn, you think you could find their number for me. Hell, I’m on campus right now.

Fixed it a bit for you.

God we suck. But we got style.

Shh! Don’t tell anyone we’re here!

yeah im sorry im really stupid and have a bad memory. Forgiveness please. :frowning:

also to other crews that i didn’t list everyone or enough people my bad. to people I didn’t list I still love you, Im just really stupid.

need to start the slayer anonyomous club for those obessed with biting.

Aaron AKA douchemaximous, when are you making your instructional video. Bring Mr. Uncronkable to Ohio Tournament.

kugler come work for me at rc.

its early and im sleepy. perfect time for alcohol.



Team Iowa just doesn’t have much going for it, so Nebraska allows me to piggyback into their state and we form the deadly cornfield alliance of doom.

The general idea is that there is tons of good #R comp in the nation, it is just unfortunatly scattered all over the damn place.