So what's the lastest news on the next Darkstalkers?

Capcom is working on it right?

Why dont you look it up?

I played a few games of Darkstalkers back in the day. I’d love a next-gen update/remake/re-release. I hope Ono is involved somehow. The hate for him usually results in massive comedy.

just found a copy of Vampire Chronicles and i am loving it. i would buy an HD remake in a heartbeat.

I know they aren’t but it’s time. We won’t be seeing another SF for awhile right? So it’s time man. People are loving this weird gothic shit and always will, time to take back the throne!!!

I think they should go all the way with costume customizing since they didn’t for SF. I’d love to rock a J.T. with big ass earrings and dog collar.

If they even expect to come close to VSav’s speed with a new DS, it’ll need low-detail models like the TvC ones

Also if they add input shortcuts to a game like VSav, it’d ruin everything. Some elements of the gameplay only work because they’re stupid hard to execute consistently (pushblocking/advance guard for one). Imagine if you could guard cancel by mashing DF/DB + K/P (SF4-style DP). EEEW

What’s comedic is your nutriding

But I’m sure whenever it comes out people like you will go all “uhHRr dude I happen to like it better than VSav, it’s a matter of opinion fgFGF”

I’ve never played a DS, so I hope so. I love Felicia and Morrigan in MvC2.

Yeah this game doesn’t need any shortcut bs. But why low detail models? I’m thinking 360/PS3 level power plus it would be a nice challenge for them to deliver on speed without sacrificing the graphics. VSav (I like that) would be mad tricky with all the transformations that characters go through during a fight.

Shit at this point I’d be happy with an up scaled Collection on XBLA. That’ll keep me quite for a few months.

Perhaps a new Darkstalkers game could become the “edgier, more hardcore fighter” by Capcom. And no, not Hot Topic or My Chemical Romance edgier (lol conformity), I mean a more punishing but rewarding fighter than SFIV. Capcom proclaimed high and low that SFIV was being made for fans of II to whom they catered by putting in shortcuts, etc. because Lawd knows not a single one of those fans have played a fighter since II (too busy with Madden imo). Perhaps Darkstalkers could be the 2.5D entry that hardcore fighter fans truly want - no shortcuts, no pansy hand-holding, just brutal and masterful VS beauty. It would create a dynamic between the two game series’, keeping them from being same-y and really catering to different crowds.

Of course, this is assuming Capcom could possibly resist making a SFIV clone out of the new Darkstalkers to milk more coins out of the proverbial casual fan udder.

I’m a newschool fighting game player, but visually I prefer the old 2d, so some kind of HD Turbo style Darkstalkers would be right up my alley.

For clarification, my above post was regarding whether they made a “brand new” Darkstalkers. An HD remix is fine too.

Though, Capcom has a lot of other games on their plate… not including the furious hype of SSFIV, their re-release of MvC2 sold quite well (afaik), and of course ST:HDR… methinks Cappy might be considering HD-ing an Alpha game (2G or 3Upper, my bet would be the latter) or possibly even 3S, to attempt to squeeze more bank out of the Street Fighter license.

I think people are more interested in an HD re-release with wide-screen support of Vampire Savior than a new game or a remix. Is there really anything you would even change? Saying that, DS as a franchise is still rather niche. Felicia and Morrigan are probably the only characters most people know from the game anyways. That said, even a release in it’s native aspect ratio with good network code implemented and tossed onto PSN would probably sell enough to make it worth the investment I would think. It would probably sell off of nostalgia alone if the price was right.

If there was any news at all, don’t you think there’d be a thread about it? :rolleyes:

I doubt capcom could ever make a darkstalkers game better than vampire savior. Seriously go play it against good people on ggpo, its the best game you’ve never given enough time. Trying to master a vampire savior character is a long rewarding journey.

If you dont play this series, why would you even want a new game in it? Ill never understand that.

Using anything resembleing sf4 / tvc graphics engine would make this series lose so much of its charm, its down right saddening.

Seriously, how would a character like lord raptor translate to a 3d model?

gimme a sprite based new darkstalkers game, or let it be imo. Vampire Savior might be one of the best fighters of all time.

But they never think that far ahead. That’s what makes wishlisting so FUN.

Aqualung has pretty much summed it up…

If you’re not already playing the game in some shape or form, why care whether they’re making a sequel or not?

i actually am about the idea of a new vampire since i dont really like vs but i like the type of game it is

They should reuse Morrigan sprite…again…somehow…or the overall experience just wont be the same…

I don’t really understand what that means but…

If VS is not to your taste, than perhaps you might like Hunter’s style instead. Or even give VC a try.

I just mean i don’t like specific things about the game, but i like the concept in that it is a heavily offensive game that isn’t an arc-style game, like kof or jojos. There aren’t a lot of games like that, and those are my favorite type of 2d fighters.

And yea vh is cool and i also like vs2 cause it doesn’t have gallon sasquatch or rikuo, actually fish guy don’t bug me that much but i really don’t like the other 2. I dunno about any hilevel stuff in vs2 and ppl tell me pyron is broke but id rather fight him than those guys. The other things I don’t like are the speed, I think that game should be on turbo 1 not 2, it feels kinda like a crackhead on t2 and I don’t like chicken block in that it gives free hits against a lot of stuff. But mostly just gallon and sas.