So what's the lastest news on the next Darkstalkers?

I believe that SFIV’s speed has nothing to do with the detail of the models. In fact, I recall reading somewhere that the earliest alpha builds were running quite quickly. What I would like to see though would be TvC style shading since IMO it’ll be easier to “cheat” all the weird transformations and morphing that way (no actual morphing, just spawning/swapping polygons).

Then you’ll really like Vampire Chronicles.

I also tend to like VS2 and besides the character omission and maybe the fact its harder to tech hit.

Also I don’t have a link for it ATM but capcom never mentions that DS is not in development, while they do so for other games.

hey remember when ono was like ‘80% of capcom does not want another sf4’ and at that time they were like half done with super? and how he constantly talks about wanting to make a new vampire?

I’d be sold if it succeeds as a good alternative for everyone that was salty over SF4 or just being another really great fighting game, but more importantly, I’ll buy it if they manage to make Rikuo curiously attractive…for a fish man.

(and if Morrigan is good)

I’m pretty sure Cap has plans for a new one, but most likely it will end up as a water down version. Would be lulzy if it turns to a turtle fest.

God don’t say that.

We need to have hope people!

Though I would definitely be appeased with an HD Vampire Chronicles.

And my thread title was sarcasm duh.


Speak for yourself.

I want me a Remixed Donny.

defense is one of the most important aspects in vampire savior =D.

to many characters can just steam roll you if your not good in that area.

its not turtley type defense, its more of an “active defense” i really enjoy it.

i just want robot to be in a version i can play with people often =D

VS does have some really good offense in it but the defensive mechanics of the game are there. Push block, alpha counter, OS pushblock to stop certain mixups, reversals, dark force invincibility side step tactics. There a bunch of mechanic for defense.

I play against a japanese bishamon player all the time on ggpo. Its so fucking hard to get that guy consistently, run away is present in VS and its very strong.

If you’re not already playing VS on ggpo, why are you asking for a new one? VS has got to be the most balanced tournament fighter of all time. I believe every character in the game has won a major. While their is a tier list, don’t get it confused with like an mvc2 tier list. Every character has an effective game plan to win. Even mummy who has to sit and block 15 reps of hi\lo in some matchups.

I use this game as a training game since its very fast and pretty technical. It allows me to stay sharp when having a lil fun on the side. I would hate to see this game go the way of sf4 where its watered down BS and now everyone can play. Aqualung has been taking beatings left and right for weeks and he’s finally starting to make a little progress. Shit takes work folks unlike sf4. Footsie in VS will consist of multiple hi\lo sequentially, have fun.

balance of that game is overstated in my eyes. ive seen every character beast too but i would never say its the most balanced

how many tournament games to this day can you name where every character has a viable shot to compete in a tournament?

mvc2\3s\cvs2 don’t come close.

I play ST a little too and VS is far more balanced. Don’t know so much about GG\VF though. Has every character in GG\VF won a major for one incarnation of the game?

Virtua Fighter is one.

GGXXAC (probably Slash as well) could be another. There’s more; mind’s slow atm.

i guess not many, though if you want to say vs is a tournament game then you have to include pretty much every game ever, since vs doesnt have that many tournies these days. i dont think vs is as balanced as ss5sp, rb2 maybe, most vfs, among others. i guess by the numbers its really balanced since theres no like really shit tier chars. i usually dont notice it since i usually only think about games in terms of whos the best and comparing who i like vs who id win the most with, and in vs the top tier is about as big as in most other ‘pretty balanced’ games. i still wouldnt play ‘who i like’ in vs if i wanted to win, id play sasquatch.

Yes and on two occasions SBO has been won by the absolute worst character in the game, Goh in vf4evo and Lion in vf5.

player skill seems much more important than character selection in vampire savior, I like that alot.

sas isnt an auto win. and sas is the most boring character to watch by far for me.

I’m wondering about MBAA. I watch nico vids and I’m seeing a lot of diversity but at the same time I don’t really see people like len or other C tiers win too much. On the other hand, “maybe the Len player just wasn’t trying hard enough” but I kinda have my doubts on that, too. Additionally some moons are just better than others overall for certain characters…

theres best chars in every game do what i do and pick a top tier that way u dont have to worry about it

but lord raptor is considered the best…

followed immediately by sas =D

You play H-Roa. I didn’t know/think H-Roa was tops.

Anyway, what I’m wondering, is if MBAA would be considered relatively balanced or if people are just playing their characters anyway (which is still good).

i barely play that game tho and i im gonna stop using him for rougi, who i think is not top tier either but she seems good for someone who is not going to practice anything and will play like an hour a week at most, kind of like sasquatch and not like lord raptor who is alot harder!