So what's the lastest news on the next Darkstalkers?

What I like about Vampire is that every character moves differently.
Also like people said it’s a very active game. Even when you are not attacking you are constantly moving and zoning with normals.
I hope the new title will keep all those stuff.


doing stuff in games ftw. im sick of doing nothing waiting for someone to do something

chain cawmbows into special into air chain into generic air throw is where its at! =D

Well me and Tanner are picking up C and H Ryougi respectively and we’re both having a bit of trouble picking up some of her combos, actually. Like I have her basic bnb down, but its annoying how since the 6C is chargeable (which you use after the 2C to launch) if you hold it for even a split second it ruin everything. Also if you do more than one 2A, it makes the rest whiff. I haven’t even started the custom combo stuff yet. I’m still wondering what you think of MBAA’s balance tho. :wonder:

BTW, I would personally say Nanaya. He’s my scrub character. He never changes, is easy as pie. I don’t even main him or practice with him.

lol Ono

i nicknamed my left hand Wiggles because it won’t sit still and my right hand 808 because it’s a drum machine

oh god.
Vism. :wasted:
I hope they just make SF alpha 4.
No Vism included.

And you talk like MvC2 was any different on PS3 and xbl.
How long did it take for them to do it?
One Week? 2 at the most?
Capcom really pisses me off.
Lazy fucks.

They have enough time to HD every popular 2d game.
Final Fight, Alpha, JoJo etc

:u: Heh, yeah 3Upper would be silly. I’m sure they’d be aiming it at the casuals - if they wanted to give the hardcore fans something they’d do 2G… but it’s doubtful that’d be prioritized over 3Upper if they -were- going to release an Alpha game.

And I wasn’t attempting to say that one project would be easier or harder than the other, my point was Capcom would most likely try to cash in on another SF property to ride the inevitable success of SSFIV. While the Darkstalkers series is comprised of some very awesome games, if they released an XBLA / PSN version you’d have a lot of casuals out there who don’t recognize the characters or know what it is… therefore lost sales. Heaven forbid those casual fans download the full game then complain to Capcom that it’s too tough / no shortcuts / not enough like SF / etc.

MvC2 probably took a little longer than 2 weeks… “widescreen”-formatting, filtering, netcode… it was certainly a cash-in though. A good one too, from Cappy’s perspective.

Honestly my personal hope is that they do CvS2 on XBLA… personal favorite fighter of all time, and now that original Xbox Live support is getting axed it’d be nice to get a bit of a “revitalization.” But I digress… this is a topic about Darkstalkers. So, on-topic: go Darkstalkers! Whoo!

I want a new game because it’ll put Darkstalkers back at the forefront of the fighting game scene. The idea of targeting two different markets with the two games is a great one.


Da fuck? I’m nutriding? :lol: Show were I typed “Ono is the greatest” or “Everything Ono touches is gold” you homotional-ass muthafucka.

“People like me.” Yeah, adults who buy and play games for fun. We’re the scum of the fucking Earth :lol:

While I’d say most players fit into the “people that play games for fun” category, if a new DS goes the SF4 route and is tailored to people that want an alright game with instant gratification/no need to invest much time learning the system/execution, it’s gonna suck, that’s all there is to it

To claim otherwise is to know nothing about what makes the game work. VSav is not like most other games bro, and leave it to Ono or whoever ends up in charge to completly miss the point of the game

I agree with whoever said DS doesn’t need a new edition…Leave it be. It’s super niche already


Are you laughing at me, bro

read all the posts on this page out loud then try to figure it out

If they could do the game hd I would be ecstatic. I wouldn’t mind seeing a jojo on xbla or SFA series with viewtiful Joe style cell shading

Uuuuh I can’t

Let me try to turn what I said into something that makes more sense, then:

I’m pretty average at VSav right now - however, what keeps me wanting to learn is the depth I can see is there but can’t attain just yet

VSav so far to me seems to be a game about juggling system mechanics, everything is fast as fuck and the best course of action isn’t necessarily to play brilliantly or think outside the box, but to force a mistake on the opponent’s part through pressure (Since it’s impossible to avoid being mixed up forever if you’re being rushed down). The game’s mechanics and subsystems are just demanding enough on their own to make these mistakes possible on any level of play, from what I’ve seen

What I meant to say is that if you make these (or some of these) elements more “acessible” you pretty much take a dump on what the game is about. Maybe I got the wrong impression, but since I started playing VSav I’ve been feeling it’s a very technical game and it was intended to be so from its conception (As in, it wasn’t accidental or due to clunky input reading or anything).

If you’re more experienced than me at VSav please do tell me what you feel I got wrong… When I said “I hope it doesn’t go the SF4 route” I didn’t mean it in a condescending tone or anything, nor was it my intention to offend the other guy. I honestly think that if a new DS were to come out, a more “inclusive” philosophy on Capcom’s part would harm the core of the game way too much


i personally think these threads are ass garbage. If people care so much about VS, why aren’t they on ggpo? I personally love this game, its one of capcoms true gems. It really sucks sitting on ggpo and no one is playing VS but I’ll jump on srk and find 100 people who post in a thread and say they love the game\series.

Dandy J gave it an honest shot, I’ve seen him on ggpo VS once or twice messing around with the game. Which is more than 99% of the people who have posted on this topic.

there’s been like 3 of these threads lately and there’s a like a huge one over @ capcomunity, yet the VS room has less than 10 players on average???=*(

I play VSav online all the time, but be advised that on the occasion we get a game going, odds are that I’ll ruin the latency for you (and most SRK people since I’m in South America :sad: )