So what's the situation like in this both matches like?

ken VS yun

chun li VS yun

this came into my mind i watched deshiken’s 1st match against black yun(uridan blog)

what does the players do in such scenario .
what’s the fighting method going to be like ?
and how yun is going to handle them …carefully .

for chunli VS yun , i think is commonly runaway and GTFO of corner .

it really all depends on skill level. I think the top 3 are supposed to cancel each other out. Like ken beats yun, yun beats chungli, chungli beats ken. This is if both players are around the same skill level. If 2 people fight and they are entirely on 2 different levels of game play, you can expect this to be right. I think thats why pyrolee beats alot of ken players.

in the ken vs yun match up, yun would have to play pretty smart cause of dp’s. If you mixed up the GJ and the opp knows it, the match could probably swing your way. When you run out of meter run smart and take advantage of block stun chains. When you go for chains make sure that the opp has to parry high and low. If you do moves that can be parried high or low, you giving the opp some lee way for a lucky parry. Dont try to parry short short or you could fuck it up and eat a super. Its just not worth the risk when ken has meter. Which is bad because yun cant take any damage. watch pyrolee. he really know what hes doing.

as for chun vs yun, yun has the advantage here cause of dive kicks. I think chung li’s worst match up is the twins. someone else can confirm that. Chung li has to pretty much parry them or eat block stun chains. That is if the opp cant red parry but even then yun could still mix it up. I think its easier to run against chun than it is ken . Youll probably have that advantage too. Run and build meter. Mix up the GJ’s and you should be ok and dont abuse the fwd+mk. After a few hits they might start looking for it and youll eat a super if parried. I think yun’s strongest assest is letting the opp know you can and will land a gj combo or mix him up. This opens all kinds of attack scenarios for yun. Once they repsect your GJ youll be in good shape. Also if you have a chance to knock chun down DO IT!!!

If your fighting a good yun your going to fight yuns game not your own. Your automatically at a disadvantage because GJ is broken. His meter to damage ratio is too good. Ken or chun might get lucky and deal some damage but yun is on his feet in no time and back doing dive kicks and GJ. When ever I see a yun video its usually yun controlling the speed of the match not the opp. Unless its daigo vs yun in that case confirm ownsssssssss.

if your going for a non combo-ed GJ and you want to mix it up, do it early. Command grab in GJ is just too fast. Its hard to see taht shit coming. If you mix it up too long theyll look for an opening for a counter ex or super. Not every character can do this but the good ones can. Uhh ken ex shoryu or super and the same goes for dudley. Im sure you get the point. I dont think chungli can do it. Shell have to parry super.

if you really want to learn yun watch true_tech (if you can find videos of him.) pyrolee and KO are in a few. Pyro and KO are probably the best 2 yun players in the world.

Pyro is really fucking good but not the 2 best Yun. I think you are forgetting about Nitto, Issey and Mester, yea Pyro can go toe to toe with them, but those guys are monsters. I think Pyro is 4 best or fifth if you count Boss which ppl say have a nasty Yun.

If you got a good Ken with better ground vs air then the Yun you are playing, then you should win. Takes some observation and patience. Just watch out for the short dive kick, throw. Be agressive when Yun has no meter. Use Ken’s superior mixups. Be smart when you decide to jumping crossover. Keep him in the corner. Lookout for the ex anti air in the corner when you’re beasting.

Yun’s GJ combo is a freebie against Chun. Senpo tenchen is your best friend against Chun.

if u want to learn yun DO NOT watch true tech. you can listen to him though because he knows alot of combos and stuff. if u wanna learn yun you need like impecable defense, or any good player using a character with 1/2way decent offense will fuck you up. also you need really good execution, and to be able to mixup well and not get caught in patterns.

I get tired of people making it sound like Yun is so broken and that he has an easy win against everyone, including Ken or Chun, when I sincerely doubt people have that experience first hand. People make it sound like they get beasted on by K.O every weekend and I doubt that is the case. You are right, GJ is broken… but its GJ that allows Yun to compete with the brokeness of Chun and Ken. And yes, Ken is broken. Some people seem to think Ken is one of the best because he is ‘balanced’, and if by balanced you mean better than most characters in almost every aspect, then, yes, Ken is balanced. /end rant

I dont see how ken is broken. Everything with him has to be skillfully done. confirm is so fast. If you dont practice that shit youll never do it consistently. His moves dont really have that much priority except for and that doesnt even have that much priority. How many people do you know that can confirm super on a daily basis? hes balanced because nothing with him is broken. Yes he can link the super off most of his normals but do you honestly know how fast his confirms are?

hes probably one of the hardest characters to master IMO. I think yun is way easier to play than ken.

Ken’s not broken. He’s just the ultimate character. The fact that there are two characters in 3S that are better than him shows how retarded Yun and Chun are. Ken should be the best.

I know this post is going to be interpreted the wrong way so I’m just going to stop now.

i’m not trying to learn yun .

i just want to know how yun fights against ken , vice versa
and how yun fights against chun li , vice versa .

It’s not that Ken is perfectly balanced, it’s that he’s highly above-average in every category. Everything that you need to have in a good character is not only present in Ken, but it’s better than average. Yun has the disadvantage of having low stamina, but he makes up for it with the ridiculousness that is Genei-Jin. Chun… Chun’s disadvantage is… uh… gimme a minute here…

She doesn’t have an anti-air? Or something? :confused:

That is my whole point, people like to think Ken is balanced and he isn’t. Ken may not beat Chun in priority and ease of use, or beat Yun in SA damage… but he certainly beats out a ton of the rest of the cast. If Ken had average everything he would be an average character, solid mid tier.

Most people don’t hit confirm Ken’s forward. Its not a requirement, its just an option. So is short short super or short jab short super or strong fierce FB super, cr.Strong… he has plenty of easy hit confirms. If I throw a cr.Forward and my opponent is standing or wiffed an attack, I will go ahead and cancel it. Sometimes its not so much confirming your hit after the fact as it is knowing you’re going to hit.

I do agree that Ken is the most balanced of the top tier. Meaning simply that there isn’t one or two glaring features that make him the best. Chun has a few things that are incredibly broken like priority, SAII, etc. Yun has GJ. Ken is not balanced though. Balance is having the good and the bad in equal proportions. Ken has the good and the great and none of the bad and that puts him on a whole different level from anyone else other than Chun.

I’m not hating on Ken either, I like playing Ken. I disagree with you saying that Ken is harder than Yun. If you haven’t already, spend a good chunk of time playing with him and see how you do. Learn his different character specific combos, corner and midscreen, how to combo off command grab, learn to kara his command grab and SJ cancel off s.Forward. You’ll also have to deal with Yun’s average normals and with the fact that to effectively build meter you’ll actually have to attempt to hit your opponent! Once you get over that hump with Yun, I think he becomes a lot easier, but if it were that easy, you’d probably see a lot more hot ass american Yuns.

fuckin truth. its fuckin tiring hearing everyone bitch how yun is broken when everyone and their momma uses ken. if anyone thinks yun is so easy to use, why dont u drop ken, pick yun up and see how easy is it to win with him?

and why doesnt this apply to yun? just learning how to dive kick is hard enough and i’m not even going to get into his shitty defense and subpar normals.

i can say the same about genei jin combos. if u dont practice it, you’ll never do it consistently.

ken might not have the best priority, but its still better than the majority of the cast.

just how many people in the USA can actually use yun and his SA3 effectively?

more like he so overpowered, hes broken. While he doesnt have broken moves like chun li and yun, he has all the tools he needs and all the tools that he has is overpowered. (dps are ridiculously good compared to the rest of the cast, a whopping 35% damage off an ex hurricane kick + followup, fast ass forward and backdash, above average pokes, etc), into super is easy as hell to hit confirm. target combo into super is even easier.

he also has the easiest learning curve in the game.

it took years to master yun >___> .

I guess he fights as he should. Defending himself against Ken and Chun’s skills while applying skills of his own.

wow after you said this it makes me realize that your not worth the time. I’m not even going to bother with this one.

^ The self-condtradiction on that one is just un-fucking-necessary :rofl:

Kenzilla, I don’t think he means jumping and pressing the diagonal + kick is what makes dive kicks hard. What he means is using them effectively in zoning. The point of dive kicks is not to make Yun yell “Wooo!”. It certainly is not one of the hardest things, but you do have to get a feel for it over time. Like being able to land a shallow hit so you can combo off it. I’m not going to go into it, I made a small post about dive kicks and zoning in the Yun forums. Divekicks are very important part of Yun and his zoning. His normals aren’t that good and his attacks generally don’t have much reach or priority.

this is facinating , does ken’s DP able to counter GJ pressure ? parry -> jab-DP i mean .
( now watching chun VS yun )

LMAO @ ME being put in the same sentence with ko and pyrolee, a friend linked me to this thread i never seen it before today,but yeah i don’t have any vids people outside of the guys who live here have seen and as i look back i’m not happy with even the ones i win i see the holes in my game don’t use me for examples like that cause they people get mad at me like i said it

i’ll be happy to discuss strats (even anti yun ones)with whoever though

pyrolee is the best yun of world for me … but he not is the best player of usa
usa best player is victoly